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Nebraska issues health alert for same toxic blue-green algae that killed 3 dogs in North Carolina

People and their pets should avoid swimming at a handful of Nebraska lakes that tested high for harmful algal blooms.

Subscribers only5 women donate 200 bags of breast milk to feed a Nebraska baby. It's more common than you think

The difficulty of obtaining breastmilk from a milk bank makes turning to Facebook a necessity for some moms.

Ragweed pollen counts are rising, and you need to take your medicine

Pollen counts have increased and will continue to do so until they peak around Labor Day.

Meet Flirty the miniature horse and service animal for Bellevue woman

Flirty is a miniature service horse belonging to Abrea Hensley, and the two have been together since 2017. “I don’t know what I would do without her, even if I was cured today,” Hensley said. “She’s my constant companion.”

Former Millard West cheerleader recovering from traumatic brain injury after pool accident

Hannah Green has been dealing with the brain injury and pain, but her mom said they've felt an overwhelming amount of support in person and via social media.​