These penguins can’t swim, waddle or slurp down fish.

But they are lovable, and their owners want them back.

Three bronze penguin sculptures were stolen over the weekend from outside Village Pointe Pediatrics near 180th and Burke Streets in the Elkhorn area.

The clinic says that the penguins serve as mascots and that the young patients love them. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

“It’s so sad,’’ said Dr. Marie Belin. “They had a special place in the hearts of staff and patients.”

She said patients enjoy having their pictures taken with the penguins, which weigh about 100 pounds each and stand about 4 feet tall.

She said the penguins were bolted down.

Belin said clinic staff regularly decorated the penguins for holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. In advance of the Fourth of July, they were dressed like the Founding Fathers when they were taken.

She said the penguins were created for the clinic by a local sculptor.

Chief Deputy Tom Wheeler of the Sheriff’s Office said it’s possible that the statues were taken to sell as scrap metal.

Wheeler asked anyone with information about the theft to call the Sheriff’s Office tip line, 402-444-6000.

He said the statues are unusual, which could make them easy to spot.

“Four-foot tall penguins made out of metal, you don’t see all the time,’’ he said. “They should stand out.”