With each new year, comes a new opportunity to improve upon the areas where you fell short the previous year.

This year, instead of setting unrealistic resolutions, I’m being very intentional in my practices to ensure that I officially leave my bad fitness and health habits behind.

In order to break my poor health habits, I identified my specific areas of concern. Identifying this issue allows me to thoroughly evaluate the root of this problem, and establish a possible solution.

One of my biggest problem areas exists in not making time to eat regularly throughout the day.

Some days, my work schedule gets so busy, I’ll go almost 12 hours without eating. This practice leaves me so hungry by the end of the day that I end up eating the first thing I see.

One solution to this problem is scheduling a time every three to four hours to eat a small meal. Putting this on my calendar will force me to make time for this important part of my overall health.

Seeking both internal and external support will also help me leave behind negative fitness habits. One specific goal I’ve set for the upcoming year is lifting heavier and more frequently during the week.

It’s important for me to motivate and encourage myself through this process to ensure I reach my goals. However, having support and encouragement from my loved ones is just as important to maintain adherence.

It’s easier to for me to stay on track when I know my friends and family will be occasionally asking for progress reports on my goals.

Setting small milestones is another tool I plan to use.

When setting health and fitness-related goals, I like to start small and work my way up. First, I select a sensible and obtainable goal. Then, I devise a strategy by breaking the process up into several steps with measurable milestones along the way.

Breaking a larger goal into smaller steps helps me to continuously feel successful as I work toward my ultimate goal.

Brittany Baldwin is a certified personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Creighton University. She writes regularly for livewellnebraska.com.

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