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Goat yoga classes will again be offered at Honey Creek Creamery in Honey Creek, Iowa.

If you missed the chance to practice yoga with the kids, er, baby goats last spring, you’re in luck.

Goat yoga classes will be back by popular demand this spring at two Honey Creek, Iowa, spots. Honey Creek is about 30 minutes outside of Omaha.

Honey Creek Creamery and Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy will both offer the classes.

Registration for springtime classes at both locations is open now.

Last year, classes at the creamery and dairy sold out.

Honey Creek Creamery will offer 50 classes between April 17 and June 1. Classes cost $25 and are capped at 25 yogis. Participants need to register in advance and sign a liability waiver.

Sessions will be Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Each class should include between six and eight baby goats. The babies will range in age from a few days old to a couple weeks old. Weather permitting, yoga sessions will be held outside.

During sessions last season, baby goats wandered around the yoga scene, nibbling on yoga mats, sniffing socks and offering smooches. Some of the kids climbed atop the backs of yoga participants.

Sessions at Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy start on April 13 and should run through June. Dates vary. The 45-minute classes cost $25 and are capped at 20 participants.

Yogis must register for the classes in advance and sign a liability waiver.

All classes at the dairy will take place outside. Kids won’t be the only baby animals at these classes. Lambs will join in on the fun, too. Between six and eight of the baby animals will roam during each class.

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