The Oracle of Omaha now has another claim to fame: There’s an elephant named after him.

After almost two months, the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium’s elephants finally have names, and one is a nod, presumably, to Warren Buffett.

The zoo asked donors to name its elephants. They chose Warren, Lolly, Claire, Kiki, Omma and Jayei.

The elephants were imported from Africa in partnership with zoos in Dallas and Wichita, Kansas, on March 11. Omaha’s zoo was the first to put its elephants on display but the last to name them.

Dallas named its elephants on April 7: Tenadji, Nolwazi, Amahle, Mlilo and Zola. Wichita followed one day later with Simunye, Titan, Arusi, Zuberi, Xolani and Talia.

Omaha’s elephants are on display indoors and in a portion of their outdoor exhibit in the zoo’s far southwest corner.

The rest of their exhibit in the African Grasslands is expected to open May 27.


Meet the elephants:


About Warren: The zoo’s only bull weighs about 3,000 pounds. The 7- or 8-year-old is a tough guy with an attitude, but he’s also clever and curious and has already mastered the treat tube. He is nursing an injured ankle that kept him off display when the rest of the herd came into public view.


Her name means: A woman strong like an elephant

About Jayei: She’s the matriarch, the largest female. She weighs almost 6,000 pounds and is 20 to 25 years old. Keepers say she is a good problem-solver and shows her dominance over the herd. Her daughter, Omma, stays by her side.


Her name means: The eyes of heaven

About Omma: Omma keeps close to her mother. At 5 years old and about 2,200 pounds, Omma doesn’t like to be left alone. When not with Jayei, she sticks with Kiki, the second largest female. Look for the three horizontal wrinkles on her forehead.


Her name means: Favorite child

About Kiki: At 3,870 pounds, the 10- to 12-year-old is the herd’s second largest elephant. She gets along well with people and likes to play in the mud wallow. She is likely related to Jayei and Omma.


About Claire: Claire is the trumpeter of the herd. She’s the third largest female at 3,000 pounds and loves to make noise. The 8- or 9-year-old is clever and works well with zookeepers. Find her by looking for the reddish hair on top of her head.


About Lolly: Look for Lolly by scanning for the one with the longest eyelashes. The 6-year-old, 2,310-pound elephant loves going outside but isn’t so enthusiastic about coming back inside.

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