When a family of hawks returned to Barb Rimel’s Aksarben home this summer, she had a silly idea.

“I think it’s time to get a pool for them.”

The hawks had been splashing around in her greyhounds’ dog dish in the backyard for each of the last three years. She posted photos of the family of three hawks on her neighborhood association’s Facebook page and joked about a supersized bird bath. But then something strange happened.

In an act of neighborly and avian love, neighbor Bre Bachmann drove to Walmart, bought a small pink plastic pool and dropped it off at Rimel’s house near the midtown Hy-Vee.

“I’m glad that someone else sees the beauty in these hawks,” Bachmann said.

Rimel, an Army veteran who now works with veterans, shared photos of the birds splashing about in the pool on July 8. And neighbors loved it.

“What you got here,” one wrote, “is a pet hawk.”

The Pennsylvania-born Rimel isn’t worried about her greyhounds, who are far too heavy to be carried away by the red-tailed hawks — they seem to prefer bunnies and snakes. But she does worry about a few neighbors with small dogs. She cautioned them to keep an eye on their pets while outside, but said she doesn’t plan to do anything to shoo the hawks away anytime soon.

“They won’t hurt my dogs and the dogs won’t hurt them,” she said, “I don’t want to disturb them.”