Karma Estwick

Karma Estwick, 10, stopped a toddler from running into Benson Park’s lake.

Jacque Brown and her husband, Freddie, are directors/owners of the Beanstalk Childcare & Academy at 10625 Birch St. They are proud of their children who attend the day care.

Jacque, a prayer warrior, showers her little ones with love and keeps them in her prayers. And even though the day care focuses on positive reinforcement, developmental enhancements and assistance through a structured curriculum, it also stresses loving and helping one another.

On a field trip one unseasonably warm spring day, some of the full-time elementary students who spend vacation days and summers at the day care were with teachers enjoying being at Benson Park. Karma Estwick, 10, and her younger brother and sister were with teacher Rosalind Scott taking a leisurely walk around the lake.

Then Karma spotted a toddler who was not a day care child running as fast as she could toward the lake. She had escaped from her mother who was frantically calling her as she ran trying to catch her.

It was quite apparent that the mother was not going to catch her, and that is when Karma sprang into action. She took off running as fast as she could to catch the child. Just as the child reached the edge of the water and was about to tumble into the lake, Karma grabbed her.

Scott said, “It was amazing. That child was headed straight for the water, and Karma saved her life.”

According to experts, a toddler can drown in 20 seconds, a fleeting margin between life and death. Most toddlers have not developed a fear of the water and, if left unsupervised around water, even for a moment, they are likely to jump in. Toddlers can drown in toilets, buckets, bathtubs and diaper pails.

A visit to Safe Kids USA — www.safekids.org — arms parents and caretakers with very important ways for keeping kids from drowning. It is an educational site that covers all ways toddlers can drown during any season and ways to prevent that.

With the love Brown has for children, and with summer approaching, she thought that telling this story would be a reminder to people how quickly a drowning can happen. She is so proud of Karma’s quick action to do what needed to be done.

Karma, when asked about the event, smiled modestly, shrugged and said, “I saved a baby.”

Brown said that upon Karma’s return to Beanstalk Childcare & Academy, she was rewarded with her choice of toys from the center’s extensive prize wall. The wall serves as a sort of shopping center where children can exchange points earned for good behavior for fun goodies.

“Often it takes weeks or months to save up for the larger products,” Brown said, “but saving a life earns you a number of points, which had never previously been calculated. Karma chose a pair of light-up wireless headphones with a unicorn horn attached!”

In the Bible, James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights who does not change like shifting shadows.”

That sunny afternoon, God sent down four perfect gifts to the group: the gift of Karma, whose home and day care teachings encourage her to help others; the toddler who was saved from falling in the lake and possibly drowning; the toddler’s mother who the toddler pulled away from as quick as a flash of lightning; and Brown, the prayer warrior who ensures that the day care is filled with love and compassion.