Disasters always happen at the most inopportune moments; a pipe bursts while you’re on vacation or the heat goes out in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, many of us wait until something goes wrong to start looking for a contractor, which means we’re stuck with whoever is available at that moment — no matter their price, reputation or workmanship.

The long procession of cars snaking through the Bohemian Cemetery isn't to mark the passing of a loved one. It’s the start of a new life for millions of bees, and a big day for Omaha beekeepers.

Who knew pigs can pout. Or be there when you need them. When Sam Trummer feels sad or sick, she can always count on Forest, her 160-pound pot belly-Juliana cross.

Eating like America’s favorite homesteader, Laura Ingalls Wilder, may not be for the faint of heart. Few would find fault with the cured hams hickory-smoked in a hollow log. And tucking into some fire-warm bread, fruit preserves and cheese cut right from the wheel would not bother many souls.

Big, bold flower petal prints are everywhere in today’s homes. But how can you incorporate roses and tulips into your home design without it looking like a garden exploded in your living room? Here are some tips.

One of the perks of working from home is the ability to roll out of bed on your own clock and get down to business in a bathrobe, if you so desire. But another major perk is the opportunity to create a workspace that’s as conducive to comfort as it is productivity — an efficient yet expressive area that’s the antithesis of that cold, cramped cubicle some poor soul is occupying right now in a company building somewhere.

Celeste Butler isn’t just sewing a quilt. She’s telling a story and preserving history. “I’m passionate about what I’m doing,’’ she says, “and leaving that legacy behind for my children and grandchildren.’’

Velvet, ah yes. Faintly nostalgic. Luxuriously silky. Subtly reflective. And smart enough for the office. That's right. Traditionally velvet has been reserved for evening, but it's especially modern when paired with denim. You can't beat velvet's casual panache if you're looking for glamour …

Christina Mainelli is just like her customers. She wants to bring more green into her home in unusual and interesting ways. Mainelli runs The Green House and designs handmade goods for home and garden. She says plants cheer up a room, bring in life and light, and offer interesting focal points.

Shane Connolly’s work as a floral designer has taken him all over the world, propelled by two royal weddings to his credit. In mid-September, the Northern Ireland-born Connolly will travel from London to speak at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show. In a phone interview from his studio in North Kensington, he chats about seasonal harmony in his designs, cow parsley and a vow of silence when it comes to his work for the British royals.

I grew up in central Pennsylvania. And though it’s perhaps the northern end of the Bible Belt, it is arguably the very buckle of the Chip Belt. Or perhaps it’s more metaphorically accurate to say the extra extender hole punched into the Chip Belt.

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