Newlyweds Bret and Sasha York took the stage for their first dance last weekend before 2,318 extra guests.

They’re members of the American Midwest Ballet, and that first dance took place during the second act of “The Wizard of Oz” — after their surprise wedding just before the show at the Orpheum Theater.

Sasha, the Cowardly Lion, and Bret, from the Emerald City, performed a lively folk dance.

“That was very special,” Bret York said. “It was such a great audience.”

Sarah Maloney, the development director for the American Midwest Ballet, made an announcement about their marriage before the show. There were lots of gasps, she said, followed by enthusiastic applause.

After the curtain fell for the final time, Sasha joked that a patron event in the Orpheum lounge was their reception.

The two dancers, who have been dating since Bret joined the company 10 years ago, wanted a small, intimate wedding. They’d thought about being married in a hot air balloon. Or maybe at the Grand Canyon.

Another member of the troupe, Katherine Eppink, had officiated a wedding a few years ago for another dancer, and the Yorks used to joke that she could do the same for them.

About a week before the performance, the joking turned serious. Bret, 34, planned to retire, and that show was to be her final appearance. Both sets of families would be there.

Why not make a big day even bigger?

“We just thought it would be perfect,” Bret said. “Our family would be here. We had met at the ballet, and the company was such a big part of our lives. We had everything we needed, and everyone we needed was there.”

So, after their regular ballet class before a show, when the dancers huddle for a few final words, Sasha said, “Take it away, Katherine.”

The two enjoy playing practical jokes, and this one was a whopper.

“It was funny just to watch the dancers’ faces as they figured it out,” Bret said. “Nobody knew.”

Eppink had strict instructions to keep it short so everyone could get ready for the performance.

Because of all of her training, Bret said, she was able to keep her focus the rest of the night. After the patron reception, the couple, their families and their two best friends celebrated with sushi.

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Bret said it’s as if a load has been lifted off her shoulders now that everything is over.

“Back to teaching and the rest of our lives,” she said.

Their special day turned out perfect, she said, even with all of those extra guests.

“Saturday was simple and just right,” Sasha said. “It was a one-of-a-kind wedding and an unforgettable day.”