Raphy is named after an angel, but thinks he's the king.

That's the update from his former foster mom, Bobbie Brooks.

The tiny kitten, who was named after the archangel Raphael, is the lone survivor from a littler of five that nuns from the Daughters of the Eternal Father found on their back porch near 22nd and Poppleton.

They tried to save the kittens after the mom died. Brooks had a lactating mother cat who provided needed milk. Four didn't survive their rough start.

Raphy returned home this week. He's still small, but Brooks said he's very sweet.

Although he's just a little over 6 weeks old, he stopped nursing two weeks ago.

"He has a very stubborn independent streak, where he thinks he is king,'' Brooks said. "We let him go because he is ready.''

This is prime puppy and kitty season. Rescues all over the city are looking for foster parents.

Check with your favorite local cat or dog rescue group for information if you are interested in becoming a foster parent.

Brooks said it's not a hard job, and it's very rewarding.

"Some people ask me if it is difficult to let them go, but for me, it is not,'' she said. "It makes me the most happy when these kitties and cats find forever homes, and I know that I have been the smallest part of their lives and well-being.''

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