Riders still have to pedal electric bicycles, but the motor gives them a boost, especially on hills or against strong wind.  Bill Moore, 68, is working to get more people on electric bicycles — particularly people of his generation.

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At Seattle-based Olson Kundig Architects, nature sets the design course. Buildings, in the firm’s vernacular, are like bridges between nature, culture and people.  The ideal took root in the late 1960s with founder Jim Olson, who often observes that “living close to nature is the greatest lu…

For nearly half a century, Cedric Hartman has turned out small editions of arguably the most exquisite and coveted lighting fixtures in the world. Largely unknown to Omahans, he has done it from a warehouse factory in the Old Market.

As a new arts season unfolds, we introduce you to five local artists whose personal styles are as varied as their art forms.