Sometime in June, the first big, beautiful head of broccoli is ready to cut. But the harvest doesn’t stop there. Although no broccoli plant will produce a second head as large as the first, smaller side shoots will continue throughout the growing season.

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It develops deep taproots that help it withstand hot, dry conditions; prevent erosion; and enriches the soil by adding nitrogen to it. Once established, it’s very tough and long-lived. It develops multi-branching, 3-foot stems with an abundance of purple flowers in June and July, providing nectar for many species of butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.

Some of the most handsome shrubs in my new landscape are currants and gooseberries. I decided that because I was planting shrubs, I’d grow fruit at the same time. The practice is called edible landscaping, and it makes a lot of sense.

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