LINCOLN — Every year I tell myself I’m not going to check email the day after a Nebraska loss.

What can I say? I always go back to the well. Sunday was as expected: Extremists, loyalists, Bolievers and Boleavers, roof jumpers, New Coach loyalists and folks who are just plain Riled Up all chimed in.

But this was my favorite take from BYU-Nebraska, courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples:

“Nebraska fans may be stunned by the outcome but they should not be discouraged by the first game of the Mike Riley era.

“The Cornhuskers played BYU much closer than expected, and if not for a fluky play would have won. BYU is as good or better than the rest of the teams in the Big Ten’s West Division. If the Cornhuskers can play with the Cougars, they can play with the teams they need to beat to get to Indianapolis.”

I thought this was perfect perspective, not only of BYU’s status but also Nebraska’s situation. Then again, my wife won’t let me gamble.

Folks who knew the Vegas line were quick to note that NU was a seven-point favorite. Fine. Vegas knows football, but Vegas also knows how to make money.

Many national media types, including the entire ESPN GameDay crew, picked BYU.

For those who say, “Playing BYU close, is this what Nebraska football has come to?” I say a hearty, “Where you been, man?”

» Yes, I think you definitely should go after the quarterback on a Hail Mary. But here’s another thought: If you think a receiver is going to catch it, make sure he doesn’t. Knock him down. What’s the penalty? Fifteen yards? So they move up and it’s a tougher pass to complete. Beats the alternative.

» Is 89,959 the new capacity at Memorial Stadium? That was the listed attendance on Saturday. It’s down because the athletic department took out about 900 seats in order to widen seats in the north stadium and in section 20.

Oh, sure, 90,000 looks more impressive in a conference that calls itself “B1G.” But I’m for comfort in a stadium that isn’t getting any younger.

» Scott Frost and Brook Berringer enter the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, thanks to the Hall of Fame committee’s decision to drop the requirement of being first-team all-conference. Great move. You can’t have a Nebraska Hall of Fame without either of those two. With the move to the Big 12 and now the Big Ten (14), there’s a better chance that Hall of Fame-caliber players might not make all-league.

» Riley said his office sent in the play to the Big Ten office in which tight end David Sutton was injured seeking an “interpretation.” I hope that’s a nice way of saying, “How could you not call a penalty on a cheap shot like that?”

» Elmar’s Excellent Adventure continues. Creighton soccer grabs the No. 1 ranking in two of the polls that came out on Monday with the coaches poll to be released on Tuesday. It’s only Sept. 8. Something tells me the Jays are going to hold on to that spot for a long time.

» Texas might be young, but the offensive struggles are getting old. In the wake of the 38-3 opener loss at Notre Dame, Texas coach Charlie Strong said offensive coordinator Shawn Watson “would be evaluated.” Never a good thing in September.

At least one UT alumnus concurs. Jordan Spieth tweeted, “Texas offense looking about as useful as my last four rounds.” And he wasn’t talking about the Masters.

» I don’t know when we started rating college football conferences — something tells me it was the SEC beginning in 2006 — but you don’t do it after the first week. If “best league” is an actual thing, you figure it out in the postseason. The Big Ten is very much still alive. Could have Ohio State and Michigan State in the playoff.

» When did fantasy football morph into a Vegas sportsbook? Man, I’m tired of that commercial. Reminds me of commercials for casinos that show people winning big. Those people do not exist.

» It’s NFL time, so here’s a few crazy guesses I call predictions:

Alex Smith leads the Chiefs to the AFC West title, and has Jeremy Maclin to thank.

Ameer Abdullah is Rookie of the Year.

Green Bay beats Seattle at home on the way to securing home field in the NFC.

Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler play their final seasons in the NFL. One’s headed to Canton, the other ...

Indy’s Colts get AFC home field and host the New England Patriots in the AFC title game. Lucas Oil Stadium security brings the Patriots’ footballs in an armored car.

The Patriots make the Super Bowl because Tom Brady is more inspired than ever to see Roger Goodell on the Super Bowl award stand, where he offers a handshake and then pulls back to rub his hair.

Sorry, Tommy. Aaron Rodgers is the NFL MVP (a chore without Jordy Nelson) and the Pack win Super Bowl 50.

» One more and I’m outta here: RIP Martin Milner, aka Pete Malloy. “Adam-12” was one of my favorite TV shows growing up, the precursor to all the modern cop shows. Back then the job looked pretty rough. Then came “NYPD Blue.”

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