Rex Burkhead runs for a touchdown during the 2009 Nebraska-Colorado game at Folsom Field. The Huskers won 28-20 on that Black Friday, the last time NU visited Boulder. The teams will meet for the 71st time on Sept. 7.

When Husker fans travel to Boulder, Colorado is going to make them pay.

Tickets to the game are the highest priced single game tickets Colorado has ever sold, said David Plati, the school's sports information director. The athletic department is projecting to bring in about $2 million for single game ticket sales for the Sept. 7 game, he said.

"We know Nebraska fans," Plati said. "Where there's a will, there's a way. They will find a way to invade your stadium." 

Individual ticket prices for this year's game, which are sold out, range in price from $110 to $225. Tickets on the lower end of the price range are in the end zones. The higher priced seats are near midfield. 

Tickets to last year's game in Lincoln cost a flat $90.

Most of Colorado's home game tickets start at $40 for seats in the end zone and top out around $135 near midfield, excluding club seats. But prices are driven by fan interest. And interest is high for the renewed rivalry ticket.

"The game's going to sell out, and it becomes a primo item. Like anything, why does Lady Gaga charge more than a lesser-known band?" Plati said.

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The Week Two matchup will mark the first time the Huskers will be back in Boulder in a decade. Nebraska is favored against the Buffs; last season Colorado won 33-28 in Lincoln.

Though Husker fans are known to have large contingents at road games, he hopes about 85 to 90% of those in attendance will be Buffalo fans.

And they have campaigns designed to make that happen.

One marketing email to season ticket holders said they planned to "keep the red out of Folsom Field." In past NU-CU games, Plati said, people needed a Colorado phone number or driver's license to buy tickets.

True to form, Husker fans have been trying to gobble up more than the 3,000 tickets that Colorado allotted to Nebraska as the visiting team.

Nebraska received requests for nearly 15,000 tickets, said Garrett Klassy, a senior deputy athletic director for NU. That's roughly 30% of the capacity of Folsom Field in Boulder, which seats a little more than 50,000 fans.

"I wish every Husker fan could get into the game that wanted to, but there's a lot of momentum and a lot of excitement for this season," he said. "Unfortunately, it's not going to work out. We're committed to always trying to get as many Husker fans in the stadium as possible."  

Husker fans still looking for a ticket can find them on re-sale sites, but prices range from about $250 up to $1,000 per ticket. 

Variable pricing is a trend in college athletics, Klassy pointed out, including at Nebraska. This year, Nebraska home game tickets range from $60 for Northern Illinois to $125 for Ohio State.

"The amazing reputation of Husker fans speaks for itself," Klassy said. "Schools know that when Nebraska comes to town, those fans are going to travel in large packs."