Taking stock of our sports world and reminding that hindsight is 20-20, except when it’s raining so hard you can’t see the road:

Give me Liberty or a column on Turner Gill coming back to Nebraska.

What I can’t figure out is why Liberty would agree to drop New Mexico State and come play Nebraska on Oct. 27 — which both NU and Liberty have available.

Liberty plays NMSU twice this season. But have you seen the Aggies play? Coach Gill would be trading a W for a loss.

What, you think Liberty would stand a chance against Scott Frost’s team? Ask me after Ralphie invades Lincoln on Saturday.

I’m sure the idea of bringing his Liberty team back to Lincoln would pull at Gill’s emotions. And NU could make it financially worthwhile to Liberty, which is moving up to the FBS division.

But how much does Liberty really need the money?

Here’s another piece of the tangled web: Which Liberty vs. New Mexico State game gets canceled? I doubt either one wants to give up its home game.

And then NMSU has to find another opponent.

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Finding a solution to this won’t be easy, but let me try.

Keep the bye week on Oct. 27. NU has a salty Big Ten schedule. And not much depth. And a trip to Ohio State on Nov. 3, followed by Illinois, Michigan State and Iowa. Nebraska will be glad it has that week off.

Now, pencil Akron into a trip to Memorial Stadium on Dec. 1. Yes, pencil.

You make tentative plans for both teams to reunite at Memorial Stadium that day, conference championship Saturday, if the game is needed for making a bowl game.

If either team is in its respective conference championship game, it’s not played. If NU is in the Big Ten game, making a bowl game is not an issue.

For obvious reasons, you can’t schedule that game now. You can’t send the message to the teams that you’re not planning on winning your divisions. Sports scribes who are always wrong can do that.

I don’t see a hurry to cram a Liberty or an FCS team into a needed bye week when it’s likely the Akron game could take place on Dec. 1.

In the meantime, according to the NU-Akron contract, the deal is void only by “tropical storm,” “hurricane” or flood.”

That thing the other night was what we call a little pop-up storm in Nebraska.

If the Huskers need Akron to come back on Dec. 1, it will happen (barring Akron playing in the MAC title game). Or here’s what Akron should get paid: Zip.

» I would love to have Iowa State come to Lincoln on Dec. 1 — barring either team making a title game — but would the Cyclones agree to travel? Standards have gone up in Ames under coach Matt Campbell.

» I’m hearing from a lot of fans that NU should have a contingency plan for situations like Saturday night. I’m all for it.

But what would you suggest?

Some say have a hotel ready to go for a team that might have to spend the night and play on Sunday. Fine. But which hotel is going to give up rooms to football fans in case there’s a lightning storm for seven consecutive hours and a football team needs a place to crash?

None that I know of. Dorms? Coaches are the protective and controlling sort. They want all of their players together, with meeting rooms and a giant banquet room for team breakfast. Do those hotel or dorm rooms being held just in case also come with a free breakfast voucher?

The line at the waffle maker could get interesting.

Now, about moving the game up. I think this would be a viable option. But here’s my question: When do you make that call?

Thursday, for a Saturday night forecast that could change? Friday afternoon? Friday night?

And what do the big cigars at the TV networks say about that? Remember, this may be your lives, but it’s a TV show to them.

It’s a good topic to address. There should be a plan. What happened on Saturday felt chaotic. While officials in the press box were saying a game was being planned for Sunday, the Zips were on their way to the airport.

The problem with moving the game is that Nebraska weather moves a lot like Johnny Rodgers against Greg Pruitt’s punt team.

We started to hear about bad weather at midweek last week. But I recall that on Friday night, while the local TV meteorologists were saying it could be rough for a while on Saturday night, nobody was suggesting that they should move the game up or that it wouldn’t be played.

And consider that just an hour before Saturday night’s game, the consensus in the Memorial Stadium press box — among NU officials, Big Ten officials, amateur weathermen and such — was that after a two-hour blast, the game would be played and last until 1 or 2 a.m.

So who knows? Only Mother Nature. And she runs closed practices.

» Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre may not have tape of Scott Frost’s Nebraska, but he spent three years at CU coaching against Oregon while Frost was the offensive coordinator. He’s seen the basics of this offense before. He won’t be surprised by a lot.

» Forget the quarterbacks. If I had a one-on-one with Nick Saban, here’s what I’d ask: Is this the year Creighton volleyball beats Nebraska?

The Jays would have had a great shot last year, had the two teams played, even with NU’s national title group. CU, which pushed USC to five sets a couple of weeks ago, will have another chance on Thursday night at the CHI Health Center.

It’s a Creighton home game with an expected majority of folks dressed in red. And it will be fantastic. This should be the best game of the series between the two schools, in front of the best atmosphere. It will be a real tribute to volleyball in the state.

Of course, the stage might be dominated by a couple of Iowa girls — Creighton’s Jaali Winters (Ankeny) and NU’s Mikaela Foecke (West Point). While Foecke is a two-time national champ, Winters has been a transformational player for CU. Leading a win over NU would certainly increase her legacy.

» Maybe I’ll ask Creighton volleyball coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth about Alabama’s quarterbacks.

» Faithful readers may have noticed something missing in Monday’s World-Herald: the college football schedules. They’re still around. But now you’ll find them on Omaha.com/cfbschedule.

Enjoy. And see if you can find Bill Moos and Frost a 12th game.

» One more and I’m outta here: I had a great response for the first “Voice From the Grandstand” last week. The Grandstand is again open for your comments and questions at Grandstand@owh.com. Bring your umbrella, just in case.

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