Turner Corcoran

Turner Corcoran announced his commitment to Nebraska during his last visit to Lincoln for the spring game. 

Turner Corcoran has visited Nebraska at least eight times, but that number may actually be higher. He doesn’t really know for sure.

But after every trip he made from his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, his love for Nebraska grew a little more. It finally built up enough that he announced his commitment to the Huskers after the spring game.

And now the four-star offensive lineman is even more confident he was born to be a Husker.

“It just felt like it was in my blood that I was meant to play football at Nebraska,” Corcoran said Monday during an interview on “The Bottom Line.” “It just felt right for me. It felt right for my family. ... It’s near and dear to my heart now. It’s something that’s going to be a part of me for the next 40 to 50 years of my life.”

Corcoran — who plans to enroll in January — shared more about why he chose Nebraska, what the recruiting process was like, his biggest strengths, impressions of the coaching staff and more during his “TBL” interview. Watch the full video at Omaha.com/bigred or check out a transcript of select excerpts below:

On the recruiting process:

“It was busy. It was really busy at times, getting texts from coaches every now and then. It seemed like I was talking to four or five, sometimes six different coaches every day from all different universities, sometimes from the same university. It was all love throughout the process. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that no one threw shade on me for committing to Nebraska, but once I knew my decision that week before I committed, I told all the coaches and everything, and I felt really good about it, because letting people know and finally having my decision marked down as being a Cornhusker, I really had a good feeling and a lot of weight was lifted up off my shoulders.”

On committing before his senior year:

“It was really important to me, because it’s important for my teammates that I’m fully committed to the football program come season time, and I’m not worried about making trips all around the country, visiting wherever on Saturdays. Then I’m there for film and I can finally be relaxed and say I’m a part of this program and I’m fully committed.”

On how each of his visits seemed fresh despite coming to Lincoln so many times:

"It seemed like everything was different, every single time, every single visit. I always felt like I was shaking someone's hand that was new. I think at one point I might've shaken the president of the university's hand. That was after I had committed, though. But it didn't matter to me. It was still the president of the university, and he had some really good words for me. He's a really good dude. I really like him. He's an awesome person. Every single time was different. One time I'd be playing video games in Coach (Scott) Frost's office, and then another time I'd be hanging out with some of the teammates down on the field at their summer camp, talking with Tate Wildeman, the Farnioks, all those guys."

On offensive line coach Greg Austin:

“He’s a really humble guy. He’s had some rough beginnings and endings at Nebraska with all of his injuries. And he knows so much. He’s been all around the world. He was a boating agent for State Farm, and he coached up at Oregon, with the Eagles in the NFL, down at UCF, Nebraska. He’s basically been everywhere around the globe, and it’s really impressive to see where his start and finish is. He said he’s sticking with Nebraska.”

On recruiting other players to Nebraska:

“I’m doing my best. I’m hitting up Blaise (Gunnerson) and Xavier (Watts) all the time. I’m texting them, trying to pull their strings, be like, ‘Hey, come on, you know the deal.’”

On his biggest strengths:

“Right now, I’d say it’s my run game. I try to move guys from Point A to Point B against their will. I try and live by it because it’s really something important to me, just to be dominant on the offensive line.”

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