Nebraska's Gabe Rahn

Nebraska's Gabe Rahn celebrates his touchdown during the fourth quarter against Wyoming.

Wide receiver Gabe Rahn’s first career touchdown was also his first reception. With just over five minutes to play in Saturday’s game against Wyoming, backup quarterback Ryker Fyfe completed a 35-yard pass to Rahn for a touchdown.

Q: This coaching staff has a lot of history with Oregon. Have they shared much of that with you to this point?

A: Not at this point. I’m sure they will. Danny Langsdorf told us yesterday they have a new defensive coordinator, so that might change things around. Obviously, the guys they played and head coach is completely different from what they played a lot. I don’t think the information is too much to this point, but we’ll get as much as we can.

Q: With Oregon playing a late game Saturday night, did any of the guys watch that?

A: I think so. I know I was watching. I’m sure a lot of guys did; we’re up at that time anyways. I’m sure we got a bit of scouting on them.

Q: What were the initial impressions?

A: Lots of speed is what we all have been talking about. Obviously we all know that with Oregon, but I think they have quite a bit to correct just like we do. I think we’ll be an even match, honestly.

Q: What are some flaws in Oregon’s defense that you think the offense can expose?

A: I haven’t looked at their defense too much, honestly. We’ll start after today and then tomorrow to get their defense down. I’m sure the coaches know.

Q: Big touchdown catch in the last game, how do you plan to carry that momentum moving forward?

A: Motivation for me for sure to catch a touchdown. I just need to go back to work. I’ve been here four years working hard, so I just got to keep doing that. I’m not going to change anything. It doesn’t really change my approach but definitely gives me motivation.

Q: Was that designed to go to you?

A: It was not. It was actually designed to be an outside pass to De’Mornay (Pierson-El). They wanted to get him the ball a little bit, just to test him out. Since he was pressed, that kind of negated that route. Lining up, I knew the ball should come to me. I had a feeling it would. I guess there was like a 90 percent chance it would. It was kind of a scary feeling I guess, being one of my first plays out there, but it was cool.

Q: You’ve gone from being a person not many people know to now being a known commodity on the team. Have you noticed a difference walking around town and on campus?

A: Maybe through campus a little bit, you know, some more people telling me congrats and stuff like that on my touchdown catch. I guess take it with a grain of salt, I guess. It’s cool to be known, but you’ve still got work to do. I’m not where I want to be in the game when it matters and stuff like that. It’s cool, but I’m going to keep working.

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