All year round, former Husker and NFL veteran Adam Carriker is taking the pulse of Husker Nation. In the "Carriker Chronicles" video series, he breaks down the latest NU news, upcoming opponents, player updates and recruiting information, and he offers his insight into the X's and O's and more.

On Wednesday's episode, Adam Carriker shares his take on the Big Ten potentially adding Oklahoma and Texas, which schools would be the best fit geographically, what would be best for the conference and more.

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Here's a transcript of today's show:

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people's show, where we take the pulse of Husker Nation, brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to have a little fun on today's show. Now, a couple of months ago, there's an article put out about the Big Ten conference trying to woo Oklahoma and Texas to potentially join the conference in the next couple of years, and I never did a show on it, but always been in the back of my mind, and I've decided to do a show on it. So let's revisit the idea of Oklahoma and Texas potentially joining the Big Ten conference.

Now, I know right away a lot of Husker fans, including myself, cannot stand Texas, they are full of themselves. They are a conference killer, they are too big for their own britches, the Longhorn Network, all that good stuff. I completely agree. Now, I do know the Longhorn Network is no longer an issue because frankly, they got full of themselves and I think they got humbled because it wasn't as big a deal as they thought it would be, so I don't think that would be an issue anymore. A la the Big Ten Network now.

I think Oklahoma's a pretty easy "Yes," you know great football program, pretty good basketball program, all around good at sports and one of Nebraska's, probably Nebraska's greatest all-time rival. I'd love to see that game played each and every year. And that could now happen.

Now you come back to Texas. I don't like Texas either, but think about this, they are one of the most prestigious football programs of all time. They are obviously on the upswing currently at the moment. Also, let's think about it from a recruiting aspect. The SEC, the ACC, the Pac-12, the Big 12 all have roots in California, Texas and Florida respectively, based on their conferences, recruiting hotbeds, three hotbed recruiting states in America, the Big Ten has none. So if Texas were to join, Nebraska could restore some of those pipelines they once had to the state of Texas, as well.

Now there's an argument to be made. These teams don't make any sense geographically. I'm with you. I like conferences to be made based on geography, it just kind of makes sense. If you go by geography, hello Notre Dame, Mr. we're special — kind of like Texas — gonna have our cake and eat it too, There would be an obvious choice being right there in South Bend, Ind. And I looked around, I like got out a map and I looked at and I said, "You know, West Virginia, geographically actually makes a lot of sense, a lot more than they do in the Big 12 right now. They're usually a top 15 college football program every year. They're a top 15-20 college basketball program every year. West Virginia is a good program, alright, good university geographically makes sense.

Virginia Tech could be in this conversation as well. I probably prefer West Virginia and obviously not every conference is put together based on geography. Obviously, West Virginia wouldn't be playing Oklahoma and Texas and Kansas when they're way out on the East. Now, the AAC, you know, the American Athletic Conference with UCF, they fancy themselves a major conference in their own mind. All due respect, they've got teams up in Connecticut, Florida, Texas, and they were talking to Boise just a few years ago about joining so not everything is always done by geography, which I prefer.

If it was done by geography, I would say Notre Dame and West Virginia joined the Big Ten. In a perfect world, Notre Dame and Oklahoma joined the Big Ten. Wouldn't that be fun? More likely, Oklahoma and Texas or maybe even Kansas because of that basketball program. Now, if it's Oklahoma, it's not Texas or Kansas, who we're going to get, Kansas State? So if for example, Oklahoma, Texas did join the Big Ten Conference, I think it's logical. They would both join the Big Ten west division, all right, to balance out the power between the East and the West divisions within the Big Ten Conference. Since the Big Ten went to the East and West divisions. Remember the good old Leaders and Legends divisions? Somebody was trying too hard with that one. The East has won the Big Ten championship game each and every single year.

Now I have I have a feeling fans are gonna have fun with this show. There's gonna be a lot of reaction to this show. I want to hear it. This is the people's show. I want to hear what you have to say. Do you like Oklahoma joining? Do you like Texas joining? What about Notre Dame, West Virginia, Virginia Tech? What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Do you disagree? You know, I'm right most of the time, at least I think until my wife tells me I'm wrong and then explains why and it makes a lot of sense. All right, I told you this was going to be fun. All right, let me know your thoughts.

Until next time Husker Nation. Give me the rock. Go Big Red and always remember to throw the bones!

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Adam Carriker is a Husker Hall of Famer and NFL veteran. The former Blackshirt and Hastings native was NU's 2004 lifter of the year and in 2005 was NU's defensive MVP and a first-team All-Big 12 pick. He was a first-round pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

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