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On Monday's episode, Adam Carriker gives his final thoughts on the Nebraska-Akron game being canceled and where the Huskers go from here.

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Here's a transcript from today's show:

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people’s show, where we check the pulse of Husker Nation, brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital.

For the love of all that is holy, what was that on Saturday? We waited 272 days to see Scott Frost debut, and we get the first canceled game in Nebraska football — I don’t know if it’s in football history — but I can’t remember the last time Nebraska had a football game canceled. This is a sport where we don’t cancel games, hardly ever.

Anyways, I’m here to talk to you about why I believe Nebraska and Akron being canceled could be more important than you might think at first thought.

And, the first thing that pops into my mind is the importance of a bowl game.

You look at our schedule, and we arguably have the toughest schedule in the entire country. All right, we play at Michigan, at Ohio State, at Wisconsin, at Iowa. We get Michigan State at home. They’re gonna be a top 10 team, when we play. We play at Northwestern, who’s a 10 win team, looked really good in their first game versus Purdue. They’ve got a lot of guys coming back. They’ve got a legit NFL prospect at their quarterback in Clayton Thorson. Playing them on the road. The Colorado team that looked really good versus Colorado State game one, and they’ve got extra days to prepare—of course I guess so do we, although we didn’t play, I don’t know. So, our schedule’s tough. Arguably the toughest schedule in the entire country.

Now, why is a bowl game so important. Because for a bowl game you get on average about 15 extra practices. That’s the exact amount of practices you get for a spring practice. It’s like an additional spring practice.

We have a young team. We have a brand new, completely different offensive scheme than we had a year ago. We have a brand new, completely different defensive scheme for the third year in a row. We have a true freshman quarterback. The more reps these guys can get the better it's going to be going forward.

Also, you look at recruiting. I’ll never forget what Bill Moos said last year when we were debating should Scott Frost coach in the UCF bowl game, should he not. Bill Moos said, “If he does, it’s like a three hour commercial for Nebraska.” I don’t know if that thrilled UCF so much, but it turned out to be true, especially when UCF won. That was huge.

Now, I predicted that the Huskers would go 7-5 this season. Obviously, I am gonna be wrong because they only play 11 games unless they make up the game versus Akron. So, that knocks them down to 6-5, and that’s if I am right. I predicted us beating Iowa on the road. We haven’t done so in three years, and it hasn’t been very close in three years. I don’t enjoy saying it, but it’s the truth.

Or, Colorado. I mean the biggest progression is always from game one to game two. Every coach will tell you that every single season. We didn’t have a game one. Colorado looks pretty decent. It’s gonna be a close game. Let’s say Adrian Martinez goes out there, true freshman, hasn’t played in two years, makes a couple of errs that first quarter, and that’s a difference in a win and a loss versus Colorado. Where had he played against Akron, he could have got those jitters out. Now, he doesn’t make those mistakes. Now, we win.

Now, am I saying it’s time to hit the panic button? No, don’t be ridiculous. UCF last year had a game canceled versus Georgia Tech because of a hurricane. I think their season turned out all right. My point is this game could be more important than you might originally think, when it comes to a bowl game because I believe a bowl game is important for the Huskers this year.

Now, when can we possibly make up this game versus Akron? Bye week? Well, Nebraska’s bye week is October 27 and Akron is September 29, so we don’t do doubleheaders in football. This isn’t baseball, so that won’t work. I think back to last year, Florida State. At the end of their season, they had a game canceled because of a hurricane as well, the same hurricane that canceled UCF’s game. And, they were 5-6 at the end of the year. They weren’t in the ACC title game, and Louisiana-Monroe, who they were supposed to play, wasn’t in a conference game either. They played on championship weekend, and because of that, they were 6-6 and went to a bowl game.

Now, hopefully, the Huskers are in the Big Ten championship game. If we are, we don’t need to worry about making up this game. It’s not a big deal. And, Akron, who’s been in one MAC championship game in their entire history— just happened to be a year ago, they were 7-7. But, unless they’re in a MAC championship game, unless we’re in the Big Ten championship game, we could possibly make it up on championship weekend.

Again, I look at Florida State. They were 5-6. They don’t make up that game. They end the season 5-6 with no bowl game. Instead, they’re 6-6, they go to a bowl game, they crush Southern Miss 42-14, end the season 7-6 with a bowl victory versus 5-6 no bowl victory.

It just sounds so much different. Give you so much momentum going into the offseason. So this will be interesting to see how this unfolds and how important this game is versus Akron, if we’re gonna make it up, if we’re able to, if we need to. I do think it could have some more importance as this season unfolds.

All right, Carriker Chronicles is back on its regular season schedule, Monday-Friday. Something brand new this year. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Facebook Live 8 p.m. central every Sunday night on my Facebook page. It’s live. It’s raw. It’s uncut. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I interact with the fans, and I wanna shout out to the 75,000 fans who joined on my first ever Facebook Live.

Till next time, go Big Red, and always remember to throw the bones.

Thanks again to the Nebraska Spine Hospital. Ladies and gentlemen, when it’s your spine, you do not want to mess around. Experience matters. That’s why you can trust the experts at Nebraska Spine Hospital, the region's only spine specific hospital. They are the best at what they do.

Adam Carriker is a Husker Hall of Famer and NFL veteran. The former Blackshirt and Hastings native was NU's 2004 lifter of the year and in 2005 was NU's defensive MVP and a first-team All-Big 12 pick. He was a first-round pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

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