2015 Husker signee Carlos Davis joined our signing day chat to answer questions from the fans. Here’s the best of the chat, edited for length and clarity.

Not enough for you? Check out Davis' player card and check out the complete 2015 class here.

Additional Q&As:

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Carlos! Welcome to the Husker family. What made you pick NU?

Carlos Davis: What attracted me was the coaches, the facilities, atmosphere.

Was there ever a thought that you and your brother might attend different colleges, or was it always going to be together?

Carlos Davis: It was always going to be together.

Do you have a major nailed down yet, if so, what are you planning on pursuing for a degree?

Carlos Davis: I have picked a major and it's going to be in biology

Carlos, do you see yourself contributing immediately? What excites you most about this defensive group?

Carlos Davis: Yes I see myself contributing right away. I like that there is so much talent on the field and it scares me of how good we can be as a group.

Which B1G team are you most excited about getting after?

Carlos Davis: Michigan State!

How close is your twin bond, like can you read your brother's mind? Is it hard to be apart? I ask because I know a set of twins that one has a really hard time being apart from the other, but the 2nd is not as attached.

Carlos Davis: It's very close, and I can not read his mind. Khalil and I are around each other so much we don't mind separating for a little bit

Are you excited for your first Tunnel Walk experience as a husker?

Carlos Davis: Yes. I've been in the tunnel a couple times, and every time I get goose bumps.

Happy to have you and your brother representing Nebraska on the football field. I had read that Nebraska was your dream school, were the Huskers always your favorite college football team?

Carlos Davis: Yes since my uncle played there we had the pleasure of visiting early. We had been fans since the 8th grade and, by the way, Khalil's favorite player is Ahman Green.

Carlos, am excited to see you play with the Huskers. Are you a "stop the run" guy or "sack the QB" kind of guy?

Carlos Davis: I'm both. I like stopping the run though.

What does the Blackshirt tradition mean to you? If familiar with the tradition and past Blackshirts, who's one of your favorites?

Carlos Davis: It means a lot! I am very excited about becoming a blackshirts, my favorite easily is Suh.

Carlos, welcome to the Husker Nation family. You and your brother made the right choice. Would you like to be the next Ndamakong Suh terrorizing opposing quarterbacks from the interior?

Carlos Davis: Yes of course! He may be a little dirty but I love his style of play and how aggressive he is.

Who wins in arm wrestling between the two of you?

Carlos Davis: It's an equal match.

Football wise, what's one area you feel you could learn from your brother?

Carlos Davis: I think he would have a lot to learn from me lol, but probably how to use my hands more.

What do you see as your biggest skill set that you bring to the Blackshirts?

Carlos Davis: Speed kills!

Do you plan on "throwing the bones" on a big play?

Carlos Davis: Yes, but I'm gonna come up with my own move to do. It will be Nebraska related.

Are you close with any of the other recruits?

Carlos Davis: Avery Anderson, Eric Lee and Christian Gaylord.

How much did it mean to you guys for Coach Riley to reach out to your Uncle, Lorenzo Hicks, prior to him coming down and visiting with you the first time?

Carlos Davis: It meant a lot. It shows what type of person he is. He is a high character guy.

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