In loving memory of John Cantoni.


In memory of husband P.W. “Bill” Kistler and granddaughter Barbara Conry Dressman, from Barbara Kistler.


Jeffery Berthiaume.


In loving memory of sister and mother, Pamela Turner Larsen; in loving memory of our Mom and Dad / Grandma and Gramps, Don and Mary Lou Turner.


In loving memory of Irv and Barb Holst and Don and Elaine Nelson; In memory of mother, Elverta Smith, by the family.


Judy Fowler.


Larry Robinson.


In memory of Tim, by Jim and Peggy Thomas.


Don and Janice Pinneo; In memory of my wife, Carol, by Ron Bahn; In memory of Dr. Ira Priluck; In memory of Loreen Blume, by Sheree Patterson; In memory of Doris and Mike Synowicki and Steve Bhom; anonymous; In memory of my mom Emogene Walkinshaw, by Carol Sue Caraway; In memory of all veterans, from Wayne and Joyce Brunz; Vanessa Timberlake; In memory of Alan G. Stoler, by Milo, Pippy and Bruce; Sue Gentes; In memory of our parents — Subby and Liz Gulizia; Richard F. Upah.


Wes and Louise Doerr.


In memory of loved ones — Janet Johnson; Marilyn Bernardini; anonymous; Marilyn Seidel; Betty Baker; Sidney Steele McCahill; in loving memory of Lisa Sterba’s sister, Melanie Rush-Davis, from Steve and Diane Bang.


In memory of my grandma Florine’s birthday born Nov. 29, 1884, cousins let’s help a good cause? Merry Christmas, Patsy Sawyer.


In honor of Mathew, Amanda, Hays, Malon and Teddy; Dennis and Joanne Mihelich.


Martin McGuire; anonymous; Leonard Schwalm; anonymous; In memory of Gene V. McKenna Jr.; Carol Godbout; In memory of Florence Garner and Jane Webb, by Louise Webb; John and Linda McPhail.


In memory of our parents Andy and Ina Hadenfeld, William and Gladys Haldeman, from Bill and Lorraine Haldeman; Edgar Aldrich.


Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year to Donald “Mr. G” Gerber from the Kohll “kids.”

Today’s total $5,854.84

Total to date $212,157.29

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