Contributions reported today of $56,872.72 bring the Goodfellows tally to $543,646.85

Balance forward: $486,774.13

$6,861: Boys Christmas Lunch

$5,000: In memory of Donald R. and Margaret D. Torpy, Jack and Neta Jensen, Mark R. Torpy and Gordon R. Hauptman; anonymous

$4,000: For J, A, S, A, L, E

$2,692.20: Omaha Track and its employees

$2,690: World-Herald Building book sale and auction

$2,500: anonymous

$1,925: anonymous

$1,500: Connealy, LeMaster, Aronson and Tobin families; in memory of Joe Circo Jr.

$1,100: In memory of beloved husband, Bernie Marasco, by Joyce Marasco

$1,000: Koley Jessen P.C.; in memory of Lawrence Belsky and Tony Belsky, Dodge, Nebraska, by anonymous; anonymous; anonymous; anonymous; anonymous; anonymous

$820.16: In memory of my parents, Dave and Harlene Prochnau, by Pam Johnson

$800: In memory of parents Joe and Mary Marasco and Ralph and Flossie Smith, brothers Wayne, Gary and Donnie Smith, and niece Carole Stehno, by Bernie and Joyce Marasco

$600: In honor of our grandchildren, by Grant and Sharon Hrabovsky

$550: Burt and Rhonda Wise

$500: In honor of the Michel family in Town and Country, Missouri, and Julia F. Harris of Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Verne Weber; Rockbrook Camera’s Portraits with Santa; in loving memory of deceased members of the Rob and Nolma Knapp family (Rob, Nolma, Eloise, Arlo, Wayne, Jim, Terry); Howard and Gloria Kaslow; in honor of our wonderful customers, by A.B.’s 66 in Dundee; anonymous; anonymous; anonymous

$480: IRS Appeals Office coffee fund

$400: Woody and Erin Wilson

$300: Tim Kelley; anonymous

$277: West Omaha Sertoma Club

$250: K A Holtorff; Dutton Beecham family; anonymous; anonymous

$210: In loving memory of Marian, my wife of 69 years, by W. J. Stamp

$200: In loving memory of Adolph Fedde, our husband and father; in memory of my wife, Judy, and daughter, Angela Fischer, by Curt Fischer and family; by Ken and Sharon Stephan in memory of our parents; in loving memory of our little sister, by Buster Bonacci Jr.; Iris and Martin Ricks; Tony and Liz

$150: In memory of my husband, Richard, and my parents, Emil and Anna Jacobsen, by Gertrude Johansen; Steve, Pam and Lisa Bottorff


In loving memory of Larry G. Jensen and his parents, Gene and Virginia Jensen — remembered always and loved forever by Jackie, Kurt, Wendy, Cory, Kristen, Rylan and Regan

$108.50: In memory of Nan, Earl, Vicki Katz


Rick and Connie Behrens

$100: Patricia Martinson; Raymond Stuart; in memory of our parents, George and Kamella Belek, and Irvin Holtz, by Karen and Jerry Belek; on behalf of our son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Molly; Lorene Dulkoski; Larry and Judith Johnson; in memory of great parents Russell and Gwen Welch, Robert and Florence Nykamp, Jack and Virginia Curtis, by Russell and Beverly Welch, Howells, Nebraska; Timothy Ihry; in memory of our parents John and Ruth Kelly and Conrad and Jean Zalewski, by Michael and Dianne Kelly; Archie Sutfin; St. John’s Philoptochos Society; anonymous; anonymous

$92: In memory of my wonderful husband who graced this earth for 92 years, by Pauline Frodyma

$90: In memory of Carol Jo Lachnit, by Loren Lachnit, Gretna; Gone to Pieces Quilt Group

$76: Boys Christmas Lunch 2nd Offering

$75: Gordon and Dallas Wellensiek; Annette and James Mahoney

$68: In loving memory of husband, Ken, parents, Ray and Ione Riesselman, and Kathy Ellermeier, by Iona Michaelis, West Point, Nebraska

$55: Julia Taylor, Council Bluffs; Barbara Bruce

$54: In memory of my brother, Scott Wilson, who passed away at age 54, by Cindi Palmer

$50: In memory of deceased family members by Nancy and Dick Larson; Dennis Stone; in memory of Richard Edzards; Marian Iversen, La Vista; in memory of deceased relatives by Luci Bauer; Steve and Colleen Simonsen; in memory of my dearest friend, Iris Simonin, by Delores Skog; in memory of my faithful dog, Beau, by Maureen McGrath; David Farris, Plattsmouth, Nebraska; in memory of Carolyn Peck and Josephine Heaps, by Frank and Jan Hrasky; David W. White; Robert and Linda Barrett; anonymous; anonymous

$40: In memory of John Higgins and Dennis Mills

$35: In memory of husband “Smitty,” daughter Carole and other loved ones, by Jane Smith, Blair, Nebraska

$30: Donna and Pam, “lunch ladies” at Seymour Elementary; Don and Ruth Tucker


In honor of James F. Aiken; in loving memory of Gabe Namuth, from Grandma B.; Jenille M Skill; anonymous

$23.62: In loving memory of my daughter on Christmas Day, by Maxine Hamilton

$23.24: David Dow

$20: In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rhea and Mr. and Mrs. William Welch and in honor of Grandson Tristan T. Welch

Today’s total: $56,872.72

Total to date: $543,646.85

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