In loving memory of Eddy Iwerson.


Jim and Donna Engle; from Roy and Jane; anonymous.


McTrout Consulting, Inc.


In memory of Cathy Gavin Johnson, by Scott Gavin, Papillion.


W. Lee Rowe; anonymous.


In memory of LeRoy, Eva, David and Sandra Stride, by Ellen Stride Bresnahan.


Elizabeth Dudzik; in memory of Jack and Doris Hancock, from sons — Terry, John, Steve and David; in loving memory of son, brother and uncle, Gregg McCord, who would have been 60 on Dec. 17. In loving memory of son, brother and uncle Cpl. Roger Clair McCord who died Dec. 18, 1968, in Vietnam — 50 years ago. In loving memory of husband, dad and grandpa Clair McCord. From Marge, Sharon, Tom and Elaine, Jake and Kylee, Luke and Drew, Bennington.


In honor of Bud and Joan Sackett, from Tom Sackett; anonymous.


In memory of my mom, who went to Heaven on Valentine’s Day, by Mary Wright.


In memory of Hans and Maxine Nielsen; Sherry Woodard-Rush; in honor of Richard and JoAnna Bristol, by Leesa Lawson; in memory of our granddaughter, Addison Hestermann, from Ken and Julie Nelson; Merry Christmas, from Bruce and Jayne Dean; grateful for God’s grace, by James Lemon; Mr. and Mrs. K. Kevin Adams; anonymous.


In honor of our parents, Melvin and Helen Allen. Love, your daughters, Becky and Barb; in loving memory of Dale E. Standley and son David E. Standley, from their family; in memory of Dennis, Brian, Holli Hegarty and Tim Ragole, by Joy Hegarty.


In honor of Butch and Rosemary DeVries.


Pvt. Floyd Dean Johnson KIA 11-14-1965, Viet Nam Marsland, Ne. 39 days in Country. By OFD191, Thomas Olig.


In honor of Deacon Pat Davitt, Deacon Jim DeBlauw and Fr. John Frost of St. Michael’s Parish Harlan, Iowa, by Veronica Wright; Cheryl Sommers; Dee Somer; in honor of Carolyn Ehlers, by Tobin Ehlers; Kathleen Lennemann; in memory of Elmer and Steve Burhenne and in honor of Andrew and Sherrie Best, by Carol Burhenne; Gwendolyn and Raymond Graves; Roger and Bonnie Stott; anonymous.


In honor of Ron Wortmann (Hartington) for friendship, by Pat Cullen.


Mary Tritz.


In memory of Dave King, by Diane Armstrong.


Tom Ratigan.


In memory of dear friends Barbara Guhl and Marge Gormley, by Jacquie Douglas; in memory of “Dickie Bird”; Darlene Boeshart; from Phoebe; in memory of Amber Raike; Larry and Sue Wedige; in memory of daughter Carole and husband “Smitty” and other loved ones, by Jane Smith; anonymous.


In memory of Michael Lohman, by Ken Munzesheimer; in memory of Jake Hurd, by Norman Thomas; in memory of Elaine Carney, by Dan Carney.


In memory of Joe and Leta — beloved parents.


Gerald Ellingson; on behalf of Anthony of Omaha and Alexandra of Kyiv.


Terry and Judy Johns; in loving memory of my Uncle Reynod Kubie, by Jennifer Roberts.


In memory of my loving husband Donald “a former paperboy of the forty,” by Delores Buxter.


In memory of my late husband, Jim, and daughter, Linda, by Marilyn Hannam.

Today’s total $12,898.52

Total to date $374,482.47



In memory of my parents, Ewing and Betty Croft, by Sandi Levermann.

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