Contributions reported today of $15,018 bring the Goodfellows tally to $394.606.94

Balance forward $379,588.94

$1,500: In memory of Jack Daly

$1,000: Claire Korolchuk

$900: In memory of Kev-Dog, by Tim and Lori Mueller

$800: In honor of Karen Combs and Alan Britten, Bette Case, Dave Combs and Mary Heath, Debra and Jeff Kelley, Jerry and JerryAnne Keown, Bob and Eileen Ostronic, Gregg and Patricia Ratliff, and Lottie Brown

$625: John and Ruth Szarad

$600: Mike and Ellen Gaherty; Pamela Andraschko

$500: Kenneth German; in memory of my husband, Richard L. Shipwright, by his wife, Joyce, and family; in memory of our parents, by Brenda and Tom Evans

$400: In memory of LeRoy, Eva, David and Sandra Stride, by Ms. Ellen M. Stride Bresnahan; in memory of Philip Gilmore


Birte T. Gerlings

$320: In loving memory of Julia and Jack Bures, Betty Bures, Beverly and Jerry Mikes, Mary Alice and Vince Hoefer, and Alroy (Chic) Douglas, by Mrs. Jaqueline Douglas

$310: Sertoma Club of Omaha and its members

$300: anonymous

$250: David Fitzgibbon; in memory of Jack and Doris Hancock, from sons Terry, John, Steve and David; in memory of Donald and Delores Buchanan (parents), Lloyd and Gladys Stott (parents) and Michael Buchanan (brother); in memory of David Stern, by Jeff and Cindy; in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. McDermott

$200: Margery Woodman; in memory of my favorite friend, Sandy, by Sherry Woodard-Rush; Mary K. Shanahan; Mr. and Mrs. Kirk W. Anderson; in memory of Don, Jim, Larry, Joy, Ruth and Sharlotte, by Peg Shapland; anonymous

$160: Susan Marino

$150: In memory of our grandparents Chester and Grace Bennett

$100: Ruth Kruse; Robert and Mary O’Connell; Morgan and Walter Hecht; in memory of Matthew VanArsdel, by anonymous, Bennington; R & J Rabeler; Mary J. Anderson; Randall Mohr; Garnet Miller; Katherine Trenolone; Mike Valasek; Barb and Dan Scanlan; Don and Janice Pinneo; Mike Kelly; Lori Koch; John and Carol Hoffman; in honor of our great grandchildren Addy, Elena and Mary Jo, by Gma and Gpa E; Valinda Wollen

$75: In memory of loved ones Tom Rechtenback, Penni Trekell and Joe Siemik — we miss you — your family; in memory of Bob Dittman, Doc Dittman and Irene Dittman, by Deb

$58: In loving memory of Bob and Mary Meneely, Bev and Ken Nicol, Tim Nicol and Dave Pellegrin, by Brian and Colleen Nicol

$50: D & D; Wanda Schurman; Vern and Janet Kuhl; C. J. Haunton; Debra Thompson-Albino; in memory of John Carpenter, by Shirley Carpenter; in memory of our mother, Joan Wurdeman, by Lori and Joe; Patrick and Jill McDermott; anonymous; anonymous; anonymous

$40: anonymous

$30: anonymous

$25: Helen Lenagh, Papillion; Beverly Shaffer; in memory of my husband, Frank Schulze, by Nova Schulze; John McPhail, Columbus, Nebraska; in loving memory of my cousin Tom Kramar, by Jacquie Douglas; in loving memory of my forever friend, Barbara Guhl, by Mrs. Jacqueline Douglas

Today’s total $15,018.00

Total to date $394,606.94

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