Annual Boy’s Christmas Luncheon.


Shirley Brown; anonymous; Lynn Dinsdale Marchese Charitable Fund; anonymous; Slosburg Company.




In memory of my dad Bill Halpenny and my grandmas Julia Gruber and Helen Halpenny.


Anna M. Scheel; In memory of Scott R. Johnson, from the Booths; anonymous; anonymous; In memory of Kay LaMalfa by Tony LaMalfa; On behalf of the lawyers of Slowiaczek Albers P.C., L.L.O.; In honor of Karen Combs and Alan Britten, Bette Case, Dave Combs and Mary Heath, Debra and Jeff Kelley, Jerry and JerryAnne Keown, Bob and Eileen Ostronic, Jerry and Katy Adams, Gregg and Patricia Ratliff, Lottie Brown.


Omaha Track, Inc.


In memory of Mike Bruening, beloved son/brother/uncle/devout Christian. He believed in the importance of giving to those in need. You will not be forgotten! By Mary Bruening.


On behalf of grandkids Sam, Allie, Will, Zach, Meg, Aubrey, Emma, Thomas, Daniel, Ben, Matthew, Madeline, Will, Amelia and Reid — Larry and Susan Forman; In celebration of our Mother (Dorothy) and our entire family.


In memory of the love of my life — Patricia Burian.


In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Heidi MacDonald’s successful kidney transplant.; In memory of Chuck and Lucille, Jim, David, Rick and Julia. In honor of Buz and Betty.


Anonymous; In memory of Jack Garlock, Rusty Garlock, Jill Garlock, Jack Timmins and Jean Timmins by Buzz and Becky Garlock; Rockbrook Camera’s Portraits with Santa; anonymous; In memory of Al and Phil Wilwerding; anonymous; In honor of our military, by Mike and Jan Sackett; From a retired Nebraska Medicine Pharmacist.


2018 Towel Shopper Guys.


In memory of poker friends Sulyn, Brian, and Blackie. By Dean and Holly White; anonymous; Steve and Marcia Pitlor Family Fund; Malcolm Watt; anonymous; Platinum Wine Distributing.


In loving memory of Charles and Helen Ann Held by their son, Timothy C Held; Ron and Linda Wax; For Omaha; Kent Christenson; Ron and Jean Gordon Fund; Anonymous in honor of our parents.


Gordon and Linda Mueller.


Anonymous; anonymous; anonymous; Curt and Stephanie Mushlitz; John and Kathleen Ransom; Marilyn Hoegemeyer; Kathie Sautter; In memory of Rosalie Hobza….Our Angel in Heaven……We Love You, Mary Ann, John and Katie; In memory of Sweet Nicole by Mary Dankof; In memory of Doris and Ken Wenger; Robert and Mary Erickson; anonymous; In honor of John and Barbara Farmer.


Altrusa Club of Omaha, NE., Inc.


In memory of daughter, Deb Chilcott and great granddaughter Autumn Grace Buckingham from Steve and Lois Buckingham; anonymous; Cathy and Donald Emig.


In memory of Earl, Nan and Vicki Katz — by anonymous.


In memory of Del Dargantes, Bob Henriksen, and Julie Hillers; family members who all passed away in 2018.


In honor of and gratitude for the love and support of family, extended family, and friends. ‘Tiger’ Tom and Mary Lyn Lynch; In loving memory of Tom and Margaret Livingston by Liz and Keith Malo.


I had started treatment for cancer and you helped me. This is a start to pay forward. I will never be able to thank you enough — Anonymous; In loving memory of Lowell and Jean Lape from their children — Cheryl and Ron Lape; In memory of Jack Studenberg — Anonymous; anonymous; On behalf of family, by Dale and Mary Kay Davenport; In honor of the hard-working Omaha World-Herald journalists. Thanks for all you do for Omaha and all Nebraskans. By Jane Campbell; Carol Day; Given in gratitude for our many blessings, John and Alicia Mutke; John Daugherty; In memory of Jim, Jim, Eli, Norah, and Margaret; anonymous; In memory of our beloved mothers, Ruth Spessard and Georgina Parris, by John and Sandy Spessard; anonymous; anonymous; In memory of Bette Pestal and John Alan Pestal from Bette’s son and John Alan’s brother; Patrick Watson; In memory of Clyde Woods; In memory of Dorothy A. Rohling and Walter A. Rohling, Sr. and Walter A. Rohling, Jr. by Carol Mosley, Wayne, Nebraska; Debbie and Rod Westerlin; In honor of our friendship: Diedre, Barb, and Yvonne.


In memory of Mom and Dad Gerard and Phyllis Gottula, we were blessed to have you both for 95 plus yrs and you only were separated 21 days, love forever Julie.


In memory of Marie Carlson.


In honor of our GRAND Children, Alexis and Gavin Tiffey who have brought much joy and fun into their Grandparents’ lives! By Hugh Spellman.


In memory of Stephen Spelic and what would have been your 75th Christmas birthday. You are loved and greatly missed — by your family.


John and Patricia Gedbaw.


In memory of my husband Ken Michaels and friends Janet Killingsworth and Kathy Ellermeier, by Iona Michaels.


Mark Tolan.


In memory of John Bryngelson.


In memory our grandson, Joseph Fehr by Ron and Charlotte Fehr; Father Christmas.


Dear Friends — I was in Korea Combat Zone in 1952. Thank you for all you do by R.B. Timmerman.


Opal Jones; Elizabeth and Kelvin Whited; In honor of my friendship with Ann Davey and Marikay Schwaller from Joan Scalzo; anonymous; anonymous; Barbara Bruce; Rebecca Shuster; In memory of Ed Nitz, by grandsons. Missed for 30 years.; Jane Fischer; In honor of my extended family of forty-five with love, Eileen Karmann; Verl Squire; anonymous.


In memory of Michael Biers from Bob and Brigitte Biers.


In loving memory of my dear “bridge friend” by Marjorie Stevens.


In memory of our dear friends Mary Hopewell and Darwin Grasmick from Joan and Joe Scalzo; In memory of our grandson, Dennis Powell, by Paul and Rita Powell, Weeping Water; On behalf of Emily Ernst. Merry Christmas! By Jodi Ernst.


In honor of my daughter — Anonymous.


In loving memory of our deceased parents. Adam and Elizabeth Rosinski and Tony and Betty Inserra. You are forever loved and always remembered. From Bob and Julie Rosinski.


From Carole Anne Crump; In honor of Voices of Omaha for presenting Handel’s MESSAH for 50 years as a gift to the Omaha Community, by Sharon Struve.


In memory of Terry Barney. USMC Vietnam. KIA March 17, 1969. Rest in peace my friend. You are not forgotten. Semper Fi.


In memory of our friend, Shirley J. Johnson by Darwin and Linda Mohr.


In memory of mom, Maurine Mohr by Darwin and Linda Mohr.


In honor of Ari Brodkey. Rabbi Tarfon said: “It is not your responsibility to finish the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.”


Karla Ermel.


Inspired by our granddaughter, Saoirse Park, who donated all her birthday gifts to the Boys Town Tree of Life.


Kirk Jarvis.

Today’s total $65,451.28

Total to date $576,310.87

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