In loving memory of Joe Circo Sr.


Anonymous; Noddle Development Co.




Bill Abts, Jr.; anonymous; anonymous; In memory of our parents — Reo and Marguerite Ludemann and Olaf and Grace Anderson; Howard and Gloria Kaslow.


Sertoma Club of Omaha.


In loving memory of parents Julie and Jack Bures, sister Betty Bures, sister and brother-in-law Beverly and Jerry Mikes, sister and brother-in-law Mary Alice and Vince Hoefer and husband Alroy (Chic) Douglas by Jacqueline Douglas.


Betty Hanus.


West Omaha Sertoma Club.


Don and Angie Wells.


Renan Rieur.


In memory of Eldred M Keane. Thanks for everything Dad and with love, by Jeffrey Keane; Richard and Pam Jensen; anonymous; Robert and Mary Bestenlehner.


In loving memory of our parents: A & E Soukup and A & A Johnson from Bill and Dorothy Soukup.


In memory of Marlene W. Hechtman by her children.


Anonymous; In memory of the Stearns and Warren families, by Arthur Stearns.


Anonymous; In memory of husband Mike Slowik, pets Chelsea, Shelby and Louie and dad by Richard Olson from Sue Slowik; In memory of Alan Desmarteau by Donald Bukowski; Helen Krajicek; In memory of Mabel and Fred Lofdahl, by Anna Carlson; In memory of John Sonderman by Kathy Henninger; Steven and Colleen Simonsen; anonymous; From Bob and Peggy Price; In memory of John and Clarice Hewitt and Howard and Ruth Nichols by Larry Nichols.


In lieu of Christmas gifts for Dan and Kathy Sullivan from Rich and Nancy Gettemy.


For Dean White, by Larry Johnson.


In memory of Carl L. (Dutch) Boehm, former World Herald employee by Darlene Hodakowski.


In memory of my dear husband Joe, from his loving wife and son, June and David Breeden; anonymous; In memory of Melissa Broz from parents Bob and Pam Adair; Jerry O’Doherty; In memory of Pete and Mariann Elsasser. Merry Christmas to all from Bob Elsasser; Warren and Diane Snyder; Eleanore Tex.


In honor of Joan Scalzo for many years of friendship, by Marikay Schwaller.


Sue Rollins; Kendall Bentley; anonymous.


In memory of those who died in hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, snow storms, and terrorist attacks; On behalf of the Wilson Grandkids, by Sharon Wilson; In honor of Hudson and Harrison from Granny A.; anonymous; In memory of Lyle and Evelyn Zink, by Leslie Zink; In memory of Coach Mooberry. Happy Holidays, Bob and Sue Medina; In memory of my husband John R. Balkovic, Sr. — Nancie Balkovic.


Every Other Tuesday Night Poker Group for the good work done by the Goodfellows.

Today’s total $14,680.00

Total to date $343,544.96

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