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Former Husker and ex-NFL defensive end Adam Carriker responded to fans' calls to sell "Carriker Chronicles" T-shirts, but he decided to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to Goodfellows.

When fans of the “Carriker Chronicles” asked about buying T-shirts, Adam Carriker was conflicted.

The former Husker and ex-NFL defensive end didn’t want to see his “Carriker Chronicles,” commentaries that are posted on, turned into a T-shirt company. But he refers to his series as “the people’s show.” And, as he puts it, “When you call yourself that, you’ve got to give the people what they want.”

Carriker decided that he would provide the T-shirts but donate part of the proceeds to charity.

“I really didn’t want to just sell shirts — it needed to be more than that,” he said. “Then it came down to what charity to pick. There are so many great causes out there.”

That’s when he found out about Goodfellows, The World-Herald’s charity, which directs all donated money to providing one-time emergency assistance, holiday meal vouchers or clothing to local people in need. No donated money is used by The World-Herald for administrative expenses.

Carriker heard the story of one Goodfellows recipient: a woman who escaped an abusive relationship with little money and no place to go. With the help of funds from Goodfellows, the woman was able to get back on her feet.

“That really resonated with me,” he said. “To have a charity right there, able to help people in those emergency situations, is awesome.”

So Carriker decided to donate 10 percent of the T-shirt proceeds to Goodfellows. He plans to increase that to 20 percent this year.

The “Carriker Chronicles” T-shirts can be purchased at for $21.99. Limited-edition shirts, signed by Carriker, are available for $29.99.

Carriker said he’s glad he can support families in need.

“The thing that gets me most excited is helping people out,” he said. “I think fans can get excited about that, too.”

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