2018 Goodfellows campaign

2017 Goodfellows campaign

Nichole died on Sept. 21, two weeks after she fell down a flight of 25 stairs in the couple’s rented home. Since Nichole’s death, the family has moved, thanks in part to Goodfellows, The World-Herald’s charity. Goodfellows paid the rental deposit so the family could move in at the beginning of November. 

Three decades ago, Polly Andres donated to Goodfellows in her children’s names, hoping it would be a way to teach them about philanthropy from an early age. She has renewed the tradition in the past few years, this time donating in the names of her grandchildren.

Maurice and Cora Conner donated $50 for 50 years of marriage to Goodfellows, The World Herald’s charity. The Conners have given annually for at least 10 years, and last year they marked their donation as a tribute to a half-century of commitment.