This new single-camera comedy "Bless This Mess" follows newlyweds Rio and Mike as they make the decision to move from big-city New York to rural Nebraska.

"Bless This Mess," an ABC sitcom about some city slickers that move to rural Nebraska, premiered Tuesday evening. 

Did it strike a nerve with Nebraskans, or did the people living The Good Life rejoice at how they were depicted?

We reached out to readers on social media to find out. You can see some of the best responses below.

Others chimed in on The World-Herald's Facebook page. Among the responses:

  • "Enjoyed the end with neighbors helping neighbors but otherwise didn’t paint the best picture of Nebraskans." (Emma Vogt)
  • "I'll watch it again. I was amused." (Kenny Hesser)
  • "This show is awful. I was semi-hopeful it might be entertaining but tough getting through the episode. ..." (Jamie Vesay)
  • "Loved Rio's encounter with the cow and the roof. It didn't paint Nebraskans and hick. Which I was happy about. It made New Yorkers look dumb." (Laurie Brown-Howe)

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