Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch is done waiting.

After two years sitting on the material, the platinum-selling metal band is finally ready to release “And Justice For None,” its seventh album.

One of the most popular metal bands around, Five Finger Death Punch got stuck in a lawsuit with its longtime label which delayed the release of the record for years.

“And Justice For None” will finally be released May 18, and fans will get a taste when the band tours arenas this summer.

With the band’s four No. 1 hard rock albums and a dozen top 10 rock hits, it’ll be hard for them to fit too much new material into its show Friday at Westfair Amphitheater, but drummer Jeremy Spencer told us they’re excited for fans to finally hear the songs.

Q. Are you excited to hit the road?

A. We can’t wait. It’s gonna be a big one. It’s a really solid bill. The fans are gonna get their money’s worth. Everyone gets to do cool production, too.

Q. I imagine you guys are excited to play “And Justice For None,” but you have so many other hits. How much are you doing?

A. Between two and three songs. You don’t want to overdo it at first. If we shortchange some of those records, people get mad.

We work them in as we go.

Q. So what happened with the record? You guys sat on it for a long time. Did it change much from when you finished it initially?

A. We had finished it December of 2016 initially. Then we turned it in Dec. 31. We had a label dispute and had to go through this lawsuit thing. All sides agreed to agree, and we are moving forward.

At that point, we decided to add a couple more songs and switch a few things out. It was pretty much done at that time.

Now it’s in the can and ready to launch.

Q. So you must be pretty excited to get it out there.

A. There’s a lot of setup and a lot of preparing to launch a record cycle, but what we went through to get to this point was pretty taxing. We’re grateful to get to this point. Where we thought interviews were a burden before, it’s no big deal. (Laughs) Now, it’s like, “Let’s do every one of them!”

Q. What is the record like? Is it much of a departure from what you’ve done before?

A. There’s always a few different turns here and there. So that’s interesting. We do sound pretty much like we sound. It’s Death Punch.

But songs are snatched up in time. It’s always what you’re feeling at that time, and we think it’s a strong collection of songs.

I mean, we don’t want to declare, “It’s our best album!” We’re proud of the record. We’re excited for people to hear it.

Now it’s about shifting to live mode and getting out on the road.

Q. So was it an intentional nod to Metallica to name the album “And Justice For None?”

A. It’s obviously a fun take on their title. We basically went through a lot with our record label. When it all came down, nobody really won.

So it fits under a lot of different possibilities. It’s a tongue-in-cheek title. There’s nothing serious about it.

People ask, “Dude, are you covering Metallica?” No, but we love Metallica.

Q. So with writing this album so long ago, are you guys ready make more music already?

A. Not really. We’ve been really busy trying to do this. We got off tour in December. We had to recharge for a couple months.

We’ve talked about what we’re gonna do next. There’s a lot of touring that has to happen for this cycle, and we’re behind on this cycle.

We’re a year behind.

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