More than 55 years after the classic surf rockers’ first album, “Surfin’ Safari,” was released, The Beach Boys are headed to Omaha to play three nights with the Omaha Symphony. Read more

The restaurant serves a variety of bison burgers as well as a bison Reuben, a bison Philly and a Chicago Italian. There’s also bison sausage, hot dogs and brats and bison-topped salads. You get the idea. Read more

Kaitlyn McClincy and Kim Gambino both were forces of nature in the new show at the Blue Barn Theatre. They had to move quickly and precisely, with spot-on pacing, to handle Matthew Capodicasa’s intricate script. It required them to play multiple roles, sometimes talking over each other or finishing each other’s thoughts. Both were excellent. Read more

We’ve got a “Purge” prequel. We’ve got a Gabrielle Union home-invasion thriller. We’ve got a new scariest movie of all time. We've! Got! A! Jason! Statham! Shark! Movie! Read more

Arturo Sandoval effortlessly played driving rhythm lines on a small set of drums. He added layers to his six-piece band on an electric keyboard, which produced a variety of sounds. He belted out some of the most intricate scat singing I’ve ever heard. He sang a heartfelt solo, “Dear Diz: Every Day I Think of You,” dedicated to his friend and mentor Dizzy Gillespie, a nod to the concert’s “Dear Diz” theme. Read more

In advance of the premiere of "Wicked," the hit musical that opens Wednesday at the Orpheum Theater, we talked with actor Mary Kate Morrissey, a Philadelphia-area native and graduate of Syracuse University who plays Elphaba, about how she gets green, what her role entails and other “Wicked” details. Read more