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Fred Krug Brewing Co. thrived in Omaha in the days before Prohibition. Test your local beer knowledge with the quiz below. 

Another year, another beer ... week. 

Omaha Beer Week, the city's annual celebration of craft beer, begins Friday and runs through Feb. 24. Each day features several events and drink specials at area bars and breweries, including the citywide craft brew bus tour, which begins at noon Saturday. 

But Nebraskans have been warmly embracing local beer since long before Beer Week. And with the release of the new World-Herald book, "Nebraska Craft Beer: A History and Guide to Beer Made Here," we're taking the opportunity to celebrate the beloved beverage's 160-year history in the state.

How well do you know Nebraska beer? Test your knowledge with the following sample quiz. Loyal readers, take heed: Some questions have been answered in previous World-Herald beer coverage. Scroll down for the answers. 

You can also join us at LOCAL Beer, Patio and Kitchen at 4909 South 135th Street on Feb. 17 for Nebraska Craft Beer trivia night, featuring several great prizes. No entry fee is required. Click here for more information and to RSVP


1. Name Nebraska's first brewery.

2. What year did Prohibition begin in Nebraska?

3. About how many breweries are there, currently, in Nebraska?

4. When does the U.S. celebrate National Beer Day?

5. True or False: Nebraska banned alcohol before it had even officially become a state.

6. Before the modern craft brewery movement could spread to Nebraska, the state legislature had to pass a new law allowing for brewpubs. In what year did they do this?

7. In what city was Nebraska's first craft brewery located? 

8. True or False: Nebraska ranks in the top 20 for breweries per capita.

9. In 1961, one brewery sold more beer in Omaha than all other brands combined. Name this brewery.

10. True or False: The brother of Prohibition-era gangster Bugs Moran lived in Nebraska and investigated bootlegging on the Winnebago and Omaha reservations.

11. Who is the so-called "patron saint of beer" that appeared in countless brewery advertisements around the turn of the 20th century?

12. The Krug Brewing family would eventually invest in Krug Park at 52nd Street and Military Ave. The park remained a popular attraction until a roller coaster flew off its tracks and fell 35 feet to the ground, killing four and injuring more than 20. What year did this happen?

13. Which pre-Prohibition Omaha brewery, located at Third and Hickory Streets, was named for "the famous spring which has been a source of water supply in the district for many years."

14. Which pre-Prohibition Nebraska brewery building later served as a meat processor and grocery wholesaler and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places? (Hint: It's not in Lincoln or Omaha.)

15. In 1996, Upstream Brewing Co. opened downtown in the building formerly known as what?

16. In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, legalizing the sale of low-alcohol beer and wine. Under the law, what percentage of alcohol was allowed in beer?

17. Name the industry term to describe beer that takes on a skunky taste after being exposed to too much light.

18. Which current Nebraska brewery sits atop Lincoln's legendary Robber's Cave?

19. Which pre-Prohibition Omaha brewery erected a massive illuminated sign, about 40 feet high and 38 feet wide, atop the Hugo Bilz building at 14th and Douglas Streets?

20. According to the latest estimates from the Brewers Association, craft breweries generate how much money for Nebraska?


1. Krug. Founder Fred Krug opened the state's first brewery in 1859.

2. 1917. Nebraska passed its own Prohibition law before the country as a whole went dry in 1920.

3. 50

4. April 7

5. True. The dry law for the Nebraska territory was largely ignored, and eventually laws were passed that allowed the sale of alcohol. 

6. 1988

7. Lincoln

8. True. Nebraska ranks 15th in the nation.

9. Storz

10. False ... but barely. Richard "Two-Gun" Hart was the brother of Prohibition kingpin Al Capone. Born James Vincenzo Capone, Two-Gun served as the town marshal in Homer, Nebraska, and was famous for wearing Western-style clothing and carrying two six-shooters with him.

11. King Gambrinus

12. 1930. The accident kicked off a period of decline for the park, which was closed and sold to the city in 1940.

13. Willow Springs Brewing Co.

14. Hastings Brewing Co.

15. The Firehouse Dinner Theater

16. 3.2 percent 

17. Lightstruck

18. Blue Blood Brewing Co.

19. Jetter Brewing Co. The sign consisted of more than 1,500 light bulbs arranged to advertise the brewery's "Old Age" beer.

20. $465 million

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