The Faint 2010

Todd Fink of The Faint is silhouetted against the band's trademark light show that is a trademark of the band at Maha Musical Festival in 2010. 

The Faint has played Omaha a lot.

Considering the band originated here, it’s no surprise the electro, new wave, rock band performed a multitude of times at venues such as Slowdown, Sokol Auditorium and The Waiting Room Lounge.

In fact, lists 22 separate Omaha-area shows and one in Lincoln. (Though we know the total is higher than that, considering it doesn’t list anything at the Cog Factory or other more, uh, underground venues.)

We explored our archives to find every review we’ve ever written on The Faint’s concerts. Here are some highlights.

Maha Music Festival, 2017

The Faint is still one of the best live bands playing, and its set Saturday sent thousands in the park into hands-up, feet-moving, lose-your-mind dancing as the Omaha electro-dance-rock band worked through songs such as “Agenda Suicide,” “Worked Up So Sexual,” “The Geeks Were Right” and “Paranoiattack.”

Sokol Auditorium, 2016

The Faint’s shows have become somewhat legendary. They pack Sokol and then play thumping tunes such as “Worked Up So Sexual,” “Posed to Death” and “The Geeks Were Right.” Monday was no different. Friends pulled each other into the fray. (Todd) Fink flew all over the stage. Dapose was a blur as he hammered away on his guitar. Fans threw their hands in the air and danced till they couldn’t anymore.

Sokol Auditorium, 2014

The Omaha-based, internationally touring and well-regarded indie rock band is as much influenced by dance pop as it is by metal music and a punk rock attitude, and as evidenced by Friday’s show at Sokol, The Faint is still pushing the same kind of memorable dance party it did a decade ago (and before). The band hasn’t changed the gameplan that brought it so many past victories. It has simply updated the playbook a bit/ ... New songs such as “Help in the Head” and “Animal Needs” complemented The Faint’s show and kept alive the heavy, punky, electronic and noisy dance feel to the show.

Sokol Auditorium, 2012

The Faint played every song from “Danse Macabre,” not just the three popular ones. Why aren’t these guys more popular? My friend guessed that it’s because no one wants The Faint to open for them and then get blown out of the water. Wouldn’t surprise me. “There’s nothing like playing in Omaha,” Fink said when “Agenda Suicide” came down. “We love you,” (Jacob) Thiele said. “Omaha, you’re always our favorite place to play. They say always save the best for last.”

Maha Music Festival, 2010

The Faint, as usual, turned the concert into a sweaty dance party. Even middle-age folks in the back got out of their lawn chairs to groove and dance to the band’s energetic performance.

“Is this great or what?” said Faint frontman Todd Fink to cheers. “It’s awesome. We even got funnel cakes.”

Mid-America Center, 2005

The Faint mixed things up with a cover of the Neutral Milk Hotel song “Holland, 1945.” The crowd worked itself into a sweaty frenzy during the Faint’s multimedia stage show, which featured pulsating lights and videos that accompanied each song. ... While the Faint played to a high-energy crowd that was on its feet for the majority of the set, Bright Eyes failed to muster the same enthusiasm from fans.

— Compiled by Kevin Coffey