Tenacious D

Kyle Gass, left, and Jack Black of Tenacious D perform at the Pinewood Bowl in Lincoln on Sunday night.

LINCOLN — They’re amazing. They’re goofy. They’re hilarious. And they’re dead serious about it all.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are Tenacious D, the self-professed “world’s most awesome band.”

And the comedy-rock duo delighted a sold-out Pinewood Bowl as nearly 5,000 fans sang their hearts out to wildly inappropriate comedy songs.

They rocked. So hard.

Look, you know Jack Black. He’s the guy from “School of Rock” and “Jumanji” and all that. But he’s been pals with KG since before all that, and Tenacious D predates just about anything else they’ve ever done.

And to enjoy Tenacious D, you have to be in on the joke.

And it’s this: They think they’re the greatest band in the world. But they’re not. They’re just a couple of guys with acoustic guitars singing rather explicitly about sex and heavy metal and their friendship.

But, y’know, they’re actually really good. That’s what seals it and makes it really funny. JB has more enthusiasm than 100 lesser frontmen, and despite being the jolly goofball from dozens of comedies, he can actually sing. And KG is a killer musician, offering intricate guitar lines and occasionally riffing like a madman on the recorder (of all things) while driving songs home with wonderful harmonies.

They can sell the idea that they’re rock gods with a deep mythology because they really are that good. And they’ve created their own mythology, one that involves Ronnie James Dio and rock ‘n’ roll battles against Satan and being “the world’s most awesome band.”

It’s hysterical, but they play it dead serious.

They’re the only band that can play a musically tight song about fighting off a bear in front of a genitalia-shaped backdrop and be dead serious about doing it.

Meanwhile all the fans at Pinewood Bowl were giggling and shouting their favorite lines.