It is extremely uncommon for a popcorn movie to be made with this level of care, craft and intelligence. Every aspect of the filmmaking is superb. Every performance brings something to the table. Read more

It's a movie about a bank-robber, but what “Old Man & the Gun” is really about is Robert Redford’s charm and his handsome face. Read more

Back in the halcyon days of February, I deemed “Fifty Shades Freed” the worst movie of 2018. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I’ve now seen something far worse and something far, far less funny: the R-rated, foul-mouthed puppet movie “The Happytime Murders.” Read more

“Eighth Grade,” the remarkable debut feature from writer/director Bo Burnham, gets at the feeling of being a teen with more truth and humor and humanity than any movie I can think of. Read more

I’m not really sure how children will respond to the odd tone and deliberate pacing of “Christopher Robin.” In fact, I’m not really sure who this movie is for. The talking animals will delight the little ones. But the film’s melancholy streak and gently subversive leanings will appeal to aging and depressive rabble-rousers like me.  Read more

“Day of the Soldado” has about the same number of action set pieces as the first film, and they’re well-executed and suspenseful. Just not as well-executed and suspenseful as those in the first film. And the direction (with Stefano Sollima taking over from Villeneuve) is good. Just not as good as the first film. Read more

What I’m saying is, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is mostly very bad — a dull and stupendously stupid follow-up to the reheated leftovers of 2015's actually pretty good “Jurassic World.” Read more