“Day of the Soldado” has about the same number of action set pieces as the first film, and they’re well-executed and suspenseful. Just not as well-executed and suspenseful as those in the first film. And the direction (with Stefano Sollima taking over from Villeneuve) is good. Just not as good as the first film. Read more

What I’m saying is, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is mostly very bad — a dull and stupendously stupid follow-up to the reheated leftovers of 2015's actually pretty good “Jurassic World.” Read more

Get a carefree screenplay. Pair it with a bunch of movie stars and a competent director. Add a Kim Kardashian cameo. Shake it. Stir it. Let it sit ... Voila. You’ve got “Ocean’s 8,” 110 frothy minutes of diversion (and with a side of air-conditioning!). Read more

You could accurately call the movie “scary.” (It’s the scariest movie of the year by default.) But a better word for “Hereditary” — the stunning debut feature of writer/director Ari Aster — is traumatizing. Read more

A heartbreaking bruise of a movie, “Lean on Pete” takes the hoary templates of the coming-of-age drama and the boy-and-his-horse adventure and subverts them again and again. Read more

Wes Anderson's second stop-motion-animated film (after 2009’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox”) and his ninth overall, is another gem in his collection — another exquisitely detailed and endlessly deadpan comedy about loneliness, this time in the form of a romp about talking dogs. Read more

“Pacific Rim Uprising” is a sequel that lacks the original’s goofy charms and tries to make up for it by turning the stupidity up to a brain-damaging 11. Read more

The clothes, hairstyles and newsroom typewriters of the film might belong to 1971, but the themes and sentiment are aimed pointedly at 2018 — at the current presidential administration and its combative relationship with the press. Steven Spielberg has said he was compelled to make “The Post” because of “the way things were happening in the world and in the country.” Read more

There are times when moviegoing feels less like escapism and more like being held captive in a dark room while someone slowly peels the skin off your face. There are films that evoke not just … Read more