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So here’s something surprising: This week, multi-Oscar-winning movie star Denzel Washington will be in his very first sequel — “The Equalizer 2.” Read more

“Skyscraper,” which opens Thursday, leans heavily on the “Die Hard” template — with a lone hero running, jumping and killing terrorists while trying to save his family and/or the hostages. Read more

“Day of the Soldado” has about the same number of action set pieces as the first film, and they’re well-executed and suspenseful. Just not as well-executed and suspenseful as those in the first film. And the direction (with Stefano Sollima taking over from Villeneuve) is good. Just not as good as the first film. Read more

What I’m saying is, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is mostly very bad — a dull and stupendously stupid follow-up to the reheated leftovers of 2015's actually pretty good “Jurassic World.” Read more

In honor (if that’s the right word) of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” coming to theaters this week, I thought it would be a good time to point out a fact that more people should know about. Read more

“The Incredibles 2,” in theaters Friday, comes nearly 14 years after its Pixar predecessor. Which is a pretty long gap between sequels, especially in an era when film franchises frequently lay out their lineups of upcoming installments far into the future. Read more

Get a carefree screenplay. Pair it with a bunch of movie stars and a competent director. Add a Kim Kardashian cameo. Shake it. Stir it. Let it sit ... Voila. You’ve got “Ocean’s 8,” 110 frothy minutes of diversion (and with a side of air-conditioning!). Read more

You could accurately call the movie “scary.” (It’s the scariest movie of the year by default.) But a better word for “Hereditary” — the stunning debut feature of writer/director Ari Aster — is traumatizing. Read more