Matt and Kim have a lot planned for this fall, but it might have to wait.

In October, the pop-rock duo will head out on a nearly 30-date tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their hit album, “Grand.”

But in Omaha on Saturday, drummer Kim Schifino suffered a fall in the middle of their set at the Maha Festival. She may have torn her ACL. Again.

Schifino fell while dancing around the stage during the duo’s party-like set in Omaha. After sitting back on her drum kit, Schifino turned to Matt Johnson and told him that she might have torn her ACL in her leg.

In 2017, she suffered a similar fall at a concert, and the energetic band was forced to cancel a lengthy list of tour dates as she recovered. She said, at least, she thought it was the opposite leg. Then, she vowed to keep playing.

“I (expletive) love Omaha. I (expletive) love playing,” she shouted.

“We are going to go as hard as we can until we are done,” Johnson added. “Let’s just enjoy every … moment of this.”

The duo continued its entire set, and Schifino mostly refrained from getting up from her drum kit. When she did, she had a noticeable limp.

At the end of the set, she had to be carried offstage by Johnson and a stagehand.

On Sunday, the pair posted a photo of Schifino in a hospital bed in Omaha.

“Another on stage fall last night in Omaha. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, wait a little bit and it’ll give you more … lemons,” the caption read.