For comic Brian Posehn, the busier the better

Brian Posehn

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: Bourbon Theatre, 1415 O St. in Lincoln

Tickets: $22.50 to $50 at or the venue

Information: or 402-477-4776

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Brian Posehn is a comedian.

At least, that’s what he’s primarily known for.

He’s also a writer, an actor, a gamer, a metalhead and a pretty big nerd.

And by his own admission, his comedy specials, rock star friends and movie appearances prove he’s living a pretty great life.

Before Posehn’s stand-up appearance in Lincoln this weekend, we caught up with him to talk about his new special, his writing gig on “Deadpool” and all his various projects.

Q. Isn’t it great being a nerd now? There’s so much cool stuff, and it’s everywhere.

A. It’s really strange. It is great. Being a nerd is much easier now, too. You have access. There’s way more stuff. It’s not a bad word either. When I was a kid, it kinda was. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have believed “Star Wars” could be good again after the special editions and “The Phantom Menace.”

Q. So you liked “The Force Awakens?”

A. The fact that ... it’s actually in capable hands is good. I have a whole new “Star Wars” chunk. It turned into a 10-minute bit almost immediately. I loved it so much and a friend of mine fought me, and now that’s in my act.

Q. So are you doing a lot of new material right now?

A. I am. I’m always looking at a set that it’s gonna be the next set or the next record. I just recorded a special already in July. Since then, I already have a half hour of new material. So for people coming out, I think it should be new to everybody. It will be half stuff from the special I just recorded and half brand new.

Q. What’s the special going to be?

A. The title for the next special is “Criminally Posehn.” It will be on Netflix. We don’t have a date. We’re going through all that stuff right now.

Q. After writing the Deadpool comic for four years, are you pretty excited for “Deadpool”?

A. I am. I want to see it. I hope they get the tone right. The fact that it’s rated R is a step in the right direction. If you want to do that character, you have to do it that way.

Q. But the comic has to be more PG. Was that ever difficult?

A. It wasn’t. I know when to pull back when I have to. I can use different words to do the same thing. More it was worrying about fans. Comic book fans: I am one. I know we can be super harsh. I was hoping we would get the voice of Deadpool right. There were a couple naysayers, but Marvel was happy. They let us do 45 issues.

Q. You clearly have so many projects going on. How do you keep it together with so much going on?

A. I have to stay busy. My wife says if I don’t have something to do, I’m really hard to be around. I have to have something to do. If I’m just playing video games and complaining, it can be bad. That’s why I do podcasts, comic books, directing things, all that. I can’t do just stand-up.

Q. And you’re working on a heavy metal album with Scott Ian from Anthrax, too?

A. Yeah, that’s been taking forever because it’s juggling four people’s schedules. Brendan Small (of Metalocalypse) and Scott, they’re writing all the music and Brendan does the drum programming and all that. They split the guitar work, and then I’ve got this producer, Jay Rustin. Then it gets into my own schedule. But it’s getting there. It’s real close. It will come out this year for sure. I’m so stoked on it. I’m filling it with all these different guest spots from all these different Bay area bands. Hopefully we get Kirk Hammett (from Metallica), but so far we’ve got Exodus, Testament and others.

Q. For a nerd and a metalhead, you get to do some pretty cool stuff.

A. The life I’ve fallen into is not lost on me at all. I have a pretty sweet life. Not to get corny, but I found the perfect girl. I’m a dad. Falling into horror movies and knowing Rob Zombie. Then to write for Marvel. To work for Marvel Comics for a couple of years is insane for a guy who is just a total comic book geek from 9 years old. To know Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Anthrax, the bands that meant so much to this skinny dumb kid from Sonoma is incredible. It’s really crazy.

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