In the first Food Prowl of 2018, our team found gyros and kebabs with expertly cut meat sizzled until crisp on a flattop grill. These are Omaha’s best gyros, culminating with the team’s favorite of the 11 spots we visited. Read more

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This is the first time in Omaha’s recent history that a cocktail enthusiast can find enough bars and restaurants that have adopted craft programs to make a prowl like this one possible. Omaha has some seriously talented bartenders who are willing to give you an experience, if you want it. Read more

“It’s so simple,” one of the judges said of the winning sandwich. “No one who orders a grilled cheese would be disappointed when this grilled cheese came out.” Read more

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Almost every menu at every Thai restaurant we visited on the third Food Prowl this year reminded us of one simple fact: Pad thai — the dish we sought — is America’s favorite Thai dish. Maybe the world’s favorite. Read more

Meeting very cool people at bars and breweries all over town to sip on beers and opine on their flavor, like I did for the first Food Prowl of 2014, is an enviable job. It’s a ton of fun. But … Read more

On this month's prowl, we found talented baristas, locally roasted beans and a handful of well-composed, balanced drinks. We found atmospheres we liked, but, ultimately, this prowl was about one thing: the brew. Read more