Omaha Public Library wants to help readers find new books — or at least books new to them. Every month in this space, Omaha Public Library employees will recommend reading based on different writing genres, themes or styles. Staff have suggested some of their favorite books about, by or rela… Read more

Omaha native Michael Richardson will return to the city this week for a series of events to discuss his recent book, “Framed,” his account of one of the most sensational slayings in Omaha’s history, the booby-trap bombing of Police Officer Larry Minard in 1970. Read more

The Windham-Campbell is one of the world’s richest literary prizes. As a comparison, the Pulitzer Prize for poetry is a $15,000 award. National Book Award winners for poetry receive $10,000. Read more

Getting tidy will take some time and patience, but remember that by using the library, you are already ahead of the game. Borrow books first to see if they “spark joy” before committing the money and space to add them to your personal collection. Read more

After John Steinbeck wrote his brilliant novel, “Of Mice and Men,” he adapted it for the stage in time for it to hit Broadway while the book was still on best-seller lists. Read more