Corden and Union

Corden, Union and Hader on "The Late Late Show."

Thursday night's “The Late Late Show With James Corden” featured what must certainly be the longest conversation about the Nebraska Huskers in the show’s history, thanks to guest Gabrielle Union.

The Omaha-native actress discussed her home state’s passion for football with Corden and fellow guest Bill Hader.

Corden, a Brit, was a bit confused by the name Nebraska chose for its team. But, by the end, Union had him drinking the big red Kool-Aid (even if he later mistakenly referred to the team as the “Corn Huskies”). Here’s how it went:

Corden: “Gabrielle, you grew up in Nebraska. Was (football) a big deal in your town?”

Union: “Our town, our state. The Nebraska Cornhuskers, that’s it. That’s what we have.”

Corden: “What are they called, the Nebraska what?”

Union: “Cornhuskers.”

Corden: “The Cornhuskers.”

Union: “The Cornhuskers.”

Corden: “The Cornhuskers.”

Union: “The Cornhuskers.”

Corden: “In retrospect, it doesn’t feel like a great name. Does it, I don’t know?”

Hader: (Laughing)

Corden: “I’m looking forward to going to see the Cincinnati Butter Churners. It doesn’t feel like in 200 years time, there will be, like, the Michigan Ubers. It doesn’t feel like something you can shout very easily. ‘Let’s go, Cornhuskers!’”

Union: “Yes! You say, ‘Let’s go, Big Red! Let’s go now, Big Red! Blackshirts!’”

Hader (looking at Corden): “Welcome to America, dummy!”

Corden: “What’s chewing gum got to do with any of this?”

Union: “It’s a big red sea of Cornhusker fans. We have one of the largest stadiums and the biggest fanbases out there. And we’re voted, every year, the nicest fanbase.”

Corden: “And this is in Nebraska?”

Union: “In Nebraska, yeah. In Lincoln.”

Corden: “I’m going to say it right now. They’re my team.”

Union: “There ya go! I’m converting them left and right!”

Corden: “I don’t have a team. I’m all in for the Cornhuskers.”

Hader: “I don’t care because I’m not into football.”

See the video of the exchange below. And be sure to read The World-Herald’s recent interview with Union and our review of her new film, “Breaking In.”

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