Avery Schnitker hands an order to a customer at Dundee Double Shot Coffee on Friday. Employees are armed with disposable gloves and hand sanitizer. Response from drive-thru customers has been wonderful, the coffee stop's owner said.

Dundee Double Shot Coffee is handing out a Clorox wipe with your latte.

Staff are wearing gloves that they discard after filling every credit card order, too.

And if you’re paying with a card — as more than 80% of customers do — you’ll receive a sanitizing wipe to clean it and your hands after signing the receipt.

“To protect you and us, we decided that was a good step to take,” owner Connie Lang said. “This is something we thought we could really take action on and make a difference.”

Walk-in business is down about 25%, but the drive-thru, once 60% of revenue, is now 95%. The coffee shop still has a grab-and-go option for people who might be walking their dog and want a treat.

“Then we sanitize everything they touch,” Lang said.

Lang said the response of customers has been wonderful.

“Positive and safe is how they feel,” she said.

She said for now they have plenty of gloves and lots of sanitizer. Lang credits her sister, Lisa Randolf, an infectious disease supervisor at QLI, for making sure they were ready for the challenges ahead.

“She started talking to the entire family in January,” Lang said. “This is real, something is going on.”