A line formed outside of Homer’s Music in the Old Market for Record Store Day’s Black Friday.

When I arrived shortly after 9:30 a.m., Homer’s Music in the Old Market had drawn a line of about 30 people. By 10 a.m., the line had expanded to about 40.

We stood in the cold for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event. Every year in April, independent record stores sell exclusive, limited-edition releases for Record Store Day. Starting last year, they expanded to include another, smaller event the day after Thanksgiving.

At 10 a.m., the doors opened and we flooded into the store. LPs and 10-inches were in one spot with 7-inches in another. There aren’t a ton of releases (only about 60 on Black Friday compared to hundreds on Record Store Day proper), so we crowded around the bins and frantically flipped. Some people handed back records to folks asking for specific finds.

Everyone was courteous. A few rude guys pushed through to the front of the bins, but were met only with glares. No one yelled or pushed even when they could see only one Joe Strummer LP left. (Not even me, and that was the release I wanted the most.)

Mostly, it was controlled chaos. Homer’s handled it well.

My haul from Homer’s on Record Store Day’s Black Friday.

I made it out of the store with most of what I came for. As you can see above, I got two White Stripes 7-inches, a Lucero 7-inch recorded at Sun Studios, a Band of Horses 7-inch and a Gaslight Anthem 10-inch that has a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love.”

I was bummed that someone nabbed the Joe Strummer live LP that I was most excited about, so I ran across the street to Drastic Plastic to see if they had it. I figured if anyone would have a Strummer album, it would be them.


Neil Azevedo from Drastic was as disappointed as I was. They didn’t get a shipment that was supposed to include the Strummer album, which they ordered heavily. Apparently, the store put in its order with the distributor and the distributor employee they ordered with was fired shortly thereafter. The order never did get placed.

If you, too, are looking for that or other albums, ask the staff at Homer’s and Drastic. Drastic’s shipment should come in next week. Eric Ziegler at Homer’s also told me they’d contact other indie record stores to see if they had leftover quantities of anything Homer’s had sold out.

I’ll be hitting up Saddle Creek Shop later today to see what they have. Hopefully, a Strummer album will be waiting for me.

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