Cher is timeless.

I don’t know if it’s a sexist thing or an ageist thing (or both), but we don’t tend to allow our female stars to remain stars after a certain amount of time has passed. We move on to something new and often someone younger.

I’m not entirely sure what cosmic or infernal entity made what kind of deal with Cher, but she looks amazing — still rocking the bodysuit from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video — and sounds better than any of her contemporaries.

“I always tell the young women, you can grow up and do anything you want to,” Cher said Tuesday night in Omaha. “For the old women, it’s not too late. Kick ass!”

At a sold-out CHI Health Center, Cher put on a concert like every Vegas show you’ve seen, heard or dreamed up in your head. It was a cabaret show full of costumes and dancers and dance numbers and moving set pieces.

Few singers in their 70s are even still performing, and even fewer still are playing arenas. With respect to Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Elton John, who put on entertaining arena shows, they don’t sound like Cher.

Sometimes, Cher’s voice took a backseat to the theatrics playing out onstage. But she sounded fantastic when she was given room to sing, and her powerhouse voice filled the arena during songs such as “Welcome to Burlesque” and a trio of ABBA covers.

It was a brisk performance despite its interruptions. And there were many.

Cher remained onstage for a maximum of three songs in a row before exiting for another costume and set change. Meanwhile, some kind of movie montage, guitar solo or music video played. If you included every monologue, dance number and between-song bridge, the 90-minute show featured 24 numbers.

If you pulled all the extras away, Cher performed only 16 songs. Her total stage time was probably less than 60 minutes.

But then it wouldn’t really be a Cher concert, would it? Because Cher without the rhinestones, a dozen costumes, wigs and glitter wouldn’t really be Cher.

And the more than 13,000 packed into the arena loved it, getting on their feet for “Woman’s World” and screaming the words to a cover of Michael Bolton’s “I Found Someone.”

Cher also stopped to tell stories, including a long monologue about her 40th birthday, her famous friends, playing casinos with Sonny and appearing on David Letterman’s talk show.

And then she reveled in being onstage, looking good, sounding good and celebrating her 73rd birthday next week.

“Everyone always claps and I don’t know if it’s because I’m old or because I can still fit into my costumes,” she joked.

As for costumes, she wore a giant orange wig and a golden crown, a flowing traveler’s costume, a golden dress and halo, a purple jumpsuit and that epic black “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit — all of them covered in sequins.

When she arrived onstage for the finale, fans were on their feet again, screaming for “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “Believe.”

And Cher, once again, basked in it all and belted it out til the last notes and applause faded away.