Make fun if you want, but I admit it. The Backstreet Boys were good.

Really, really good. Better than I imagined such a thing could be.

Look, I’m not exactly the target demographic for a pop-slinging boy band.

I’m not now as an adult, and I certainly wasn’t when they were first popular either. In fact, they were antithetical to what teenaged Kevin thought was good music.

Sticky-sweet love songs synced up to perfectly coordinated lock-step dance moves? Couldn’t do it at the time. The Backstreet Boys were what I thought was wrong with music.

I’ve obviously evolved in the intervening decades since the Backstreet Boys showed up on our radios and TVs — it was the height of MTV’s “TRL” era, after all — and I have to say Sunday’s concert was quite entertaining.

I’m definitely not alone. The Backstreet Boys sold out the arena, packing an impressive audience of more than 13,000 to dance and sing and wave their arms and scream at the absolute top of their lungs when their favorite song started.

And it was deserved. These guys are really, really good at their jobs. They nail the vocals. Their harmonies are on point. The dance moves are insanely impressive. Even songs are, well, pretty good. (Cheesy? Sure. But you can’t fault a love song for its subject matter.)