These days, Matthew Sweet calls Omaha home.

The million-selling alt-rocker — he has two gold records and multiple top 10 rock hits — grew up in Lincoln playing in bands such as The Specs. And then he moved to the killer Athens, Georgia, rock scene and eventually L.A., where he did big things such as the smash-hit albums “Girlfriend” and “100% Fun,” which featured songs such as “Girlfriend,” “Sick of Myself,” “Evangeline” and “I’ve Been Waiting.”

Sweet, called a "power pop god" by PRX, has continued to produce killer power-pop records ever since, and we talked to him about new music he has coming out soon, as well as crowdfunding and playing hometown shows ahead of his performance at Shadow Ridge Music Festival on Friday.

Q: Are you excited to play this show with a bunch of bands from a similar era?

A: Yeah! We kinda know these guys from back then. We did all these shows. They’re kind of old friends of ours.

It’ll be really the first show of our touring this year. Our touring of September really starts with the Omaha gig. We did quite a bit of touring last summer. This summer, I haven’t been out yet because I’ve been recording.

Q: You’ve made so much music the last couple of years that it’s blown me away.

A: It’s a little bit crazy. I also indulged on putting out extra things. Now I’m back to making an actual album again, and I’m pretty far through it. What I’m trying to do is be completely done with the record before I crowdsource it at all so it can be in a timely fashion that it’s delivered.

That was the worst thing about Kickstarter, having thought it would be faster than it was. Even though only a handful of people ever complained, it made me feel really bad, you know? This is my way around that.

We had a bad situation along with a whole lot of other artists when PledgeMusic went bankrupt last year. There was a guy doing a whole bunch of reissues of mine, and some of them got fulfilled, but they closed down with everybody’s money. We couldn’t do the rest of the stuff. We’re trying to really know the thing will get delivered under our own control.

I’m going to do the thing in advance and just raise money to manufacture it and pay people. In this case, I’m playing everything myself and it’s only Ric, my drummer, I have to pay. One of the misconceptions of crowdsourcing is that the artist gets all the money, but the money all goes to pay for it and manufacture it. It isn’t a way to make money, but it is a good way to pay for things.

Q: Can you tell me more about the new music?

A: I’m playing everything myself. It’s really pretty rock. Now I’m working on lyrics and singing things. I’m probably about halfway through it. I’m not to the point where I’ve been sitting and taking it all in and understanding what it is yet, but I’m really enjoying doing it. I think it’s gonna sound really cool.

I play lead in sort of a certain way, but I have kind of a thing that I think is my own, so they sound cool to me when I hear them. I know that’s all very vague.

It’ll be done before too long.

Q: You have a studio at your house in Omaha. Are you able to do these things whenever you feel the need?

A: That’s part of it. I’ve been able to do whatever recording I’ve wanted for kind of a long time now, so that’s not exactly new. It is true that I came here and have been more productive. I don’t know exactly why. I was absolutely as much of a hermit in L.A. as I am here.

The experience was ultimately positive with “Tomorrow Forever,” and that’s made me want to keep being productive. It’s so easy, if I don’t work, for a lot of time to pass. I feel like now, with what I’m recording this summer, I’m getting back on a sane schedule, and we’ll probably make a record every couple years.

It also helps for touring that we have a new record. It’s a way to go out and be promoting something new.

Q: Do you like playing in Omaha?

A: I do. They’re easygoing. Omaha’s not as great a place for me live compared to some other places we go, but I really like playing here. I’m at home. It’s easy and local. A lot of my friends and family comes to these shows.