Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks performs at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln on Oct. 20, 2017.

Garth Brooks is at it again.

The country superstar hasn’t released a new album since 2016. And after his record-breaking, 400-plus concert sojourn (that included multiple trips to Nebraska), he’s only made limited appearances on stage.

But all the while, he’s been attacking his musical archive with vigor, first with the “Anthology” series, an excellent multivolume set of books and CDs that goes through his catalog song-by-song and, with volume III, even looks at his live performances.

And now Brooks is set to release “The Legacy Collection.” Out on Friday, it’s an epic-size box set featuring four of his albums (and his latest live release) on vinyl for the first time.

Called the year’s most sought-after vinyl release, “Legacy” racked up more than 1 million records sold via occasional fan presales. And among its seven-vinyl, seven-CD largesse is a neat little Nebraska reference. (But I’ll get to that here in a bit.)

“Legacy” features the albums “No Fences,” “The Chase,” “In Pieces” and “Fresh Horses,” some of his best releases.

The three additional discs are from “Triple Live,” a compilation live album from Brooks’ record-setting, three-year tour that included six shows in Omaha and five concerts in Lincoln. (“Triple Live” was initially released online and in the third “Anthology” set, but a brand-new mix is also available in this box set.)

It’s interesting to hear Brooks’ songs on vinyl, considering he’s the king of the CD era. The records sound quite nice, and I always appreciate the vinyl experience, which creates a more active listening experience.

The set also includes the same material on CD (with the exact same art on the discs, I might add). But the trio of “Triple Live” discs include a few extra songs, which is a nice touch.

There are three versions of “Legacy” — a digitally remixed/remastered version, a “limited edition” and an analog version. They’re all slightly different: The limited has 180-gram vinyl and a poster, and each has slightly different “Triple Live” album art.

And I’ll just say: “Triple Live” is easily the coolest part of the release, and not just because there’s a Nebraska shout-out.

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OK, yes. Let’s get to that part quickly. The three discs of “Triple Live” are not from a single concert. They’re cobbled together from multiple shows, which is obvious when you listen. Each track fades in and out.

Unfortunately, there aren’t liner notes or track listings to tell you where each was recorded, but the second disc has an obvious shout-out to Nebraska. While singing “Tacoma,” he made a lyric switch: “All the way to Nebraska, by then I hope you’re out of my mind.”

Was that recorded in Nebraska, I wondered? I fired off an email to Brooks’ publicist.

“You are correct!” Brooks told me via his rep.

But was it Omaha or Lincoln? Brooks was pretty sure that one was recorded in Lincoln during one of his 2017 concerts.

This complete guide of local music, movies, dining and entertainment will have you weekend ready

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