Every year, I propose a list of resolutions for a more musical new year.

And then I try to live up to them myself. How did I do in 2019? Let’s find out.

These are last year’s resolutions, with a little follow-up on each. I tried to be honest with myself.

1. Organize your stuff. The vinyl is all alphabetized. I finally got my digital house in order, redoing my entire iTunes library so I could find all the digital versions of my music. It’s led to better listening experiences when I can find what I’m looking for.

2. How many concerts did you see last year? Go to more. Man, that’s a hard one for me, considering I go to a lot of concerts for this job. I think 2018 and 2019 were about even.

3. Pick an old classic record you’ve never heard and finally give it a listen. I honestly don’t know if I did this. I guess I have a few more days before 2019 closes out.

4. Show off your favorite bands. I wear the T-shirts. I go to the shows. I constantly share links to my favorite stuff.

5. Listen to 52 new albums. Oh man, at least. My favorite thing to do on new music Fridays is to listen to new records.

6. Finally listen to all that vinyl. In my growing collection, I don’t think there’s a single album I haven’t given a spin. But some of those singles may not have ever touched a needle.

7. Go to a record store. There are fewer in town than there used to be, but visiting the record store is still a wonderful experience. I need to do it more often.

8. Wait outside the venue with a record/shirt/hat/set list/whatever, and ask for an autograph. Does it count if I chatted with a friend while he waited for an autograph?

9. Stop having guilty pleasures. I’m done with that. Like what you like. Don’t be ashamed.

10. Work some local music into your repertoire. I need to do more, and I’m happy that the end of the year always brings out some great local shows.

So, if I’m generous, I got nine out of 10. Not bad!

Join me for next week’s column, when I propose a list of new resolutions for a musical 2020. Let’s see how many we can accomplish.

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