I’m tired of the whole Micah-hates-superhero-movies thing. Let’s try something different today. Let’s get another voice in here.

The following will be a dual review of “Aquaman”: one review by me (a grumpy 33-year-old man), the other from the perspective of my 8-year-old self — who, I imagine, would have loved this movie more than any other movie because this movie is a movie for 8-year-olds.

Me: By now, the DC cinematic universe has lowered expectations to such a degree that “Aquaman” actually seems pretty alright. It’s not “Wonder Woman”-good, but it’s miles more likable than “Justice League” or “Suicide Squad.” If it’s as dumb, loud and overlong as any of the DC movies, it at least has a charm and sense of humor that jell agreeably with the ridiculousness of the story.

Me at 8 years old: This movie is the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life.

Me: Taking place after the events of “Justice League,” “Aquaman” gives our half-human/half-Atlantean hero a brief origin story: Water-woman mom (Nicole Kidman) and land-bound dad (Temuera Morrison) made a baby. Now fully grown, Arthur (Jason Momoa) is the one future king of Atlantis.

Though Arthur has underwater allies in Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe, his jealous half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), wants the throne for himself. Not only that, Orm wants all the kingdoms of the water people to unite and launch a war against the land folks. His reasons for war are pretty sound. We land people have been messing up their oceans for some time now.

Me at 8: The story of the movie is Aquaman talks to sharks! And there’s a giant crab monster and an army of sharks that shoot lasers while Aquaman rides a giant seahorse because he’s just defeated a squid monster thing but first he jumped out of a plane but wasn’t hurt and there was an octopus that played the drums because Aquaman has to get a special trident that can make him be king of Atlantis. But the bad guy wants to be king but he loses because Aquaman is stronger.

Me: And Dolph Lundgren’s in this movie.

Me at 8: And Ivan Drago’s in this movie!

Me: “Aquaman” has a few good things going for it that most DC movies don’t. For one, it has a hero who’s actually fun to be around. Momoa’s a charming guy. He might look like the leader of a sexy-werewolf biker gang, but he’s got a flair for comedy. He’s the key ingredient that holds “Aquaman” together, keeping the film’s camp and self-seriousness in balance. Plus, he and Heard actually have some chemistry.

Me at 8: Aquaman, when he’s a boy on a field trip at an aquarium, these bullies are bullying him so he talks to a shark and the shark bangs its head against the glass and now the bullies are scared because that’s what you get when you mess with Aquaman, who is my favorite hero and this is my favorite movie, too.

Me: “Aquaman” also benefits from having a good filmmaker: James Wan, director of “Furious 7” and “The Conjuring” movies. A lot of the CG effects in “Aquaman” are just as bad and lifeless as in any DC movie. But within the mess, Wan manages to make some bold, inventive visuals.

The action scenes on land are uniformly decent, but the film’s standout sequence involves Aquaman diving into a deep-sea trench with a million amphibious monsters on his tail, the scene illuminated by the emergency flare our hero is holding.

Me at 8: That was scary.

Me: “Aquaman” further distinguishes itself by kind of not being a superhero movie. That’s a good thing. The second act leaves behind Atlantean politics entirely, and for a little while this becomes an “Indiana Jones” movie. Albeit one with more laser guns and swimming.

Me at 8: Aquaman has to pull the trident from a stone like in “Sword in the Stone” because Aquaman’s other name is Arthur, like King Arthur, and Aquaman is also King Arthur because his name is Arthur, too. But he can control the seven seas and tell monsters what to do and other King Arthur can’t do that which is why I like King Arthur who is also Aquaman the best.

Me: So yeah. That’s about it. What am I forgetting?

Me at 8: Black Manta!

Me: Right, Black Manta. A treasure hunter (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) called Black Manta wants revenge against Aquaman. He wears a high-tech suit with a bulbous helmet that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Manta also gets a music-set montage that feels straight out of an ’80s action movie. In fact, a lot of this movie has an ’80s vibe. The synthy score sometimes sounds like Tangerine Dream. And Pitbull contributes a new song that samples Toto’s “Africa.” It’s ... fun?

Anyway, Black Manta is kinda cool.

Me at 8: No, Black Manta is awesome!

Me: Overall, my reaction to “Aquaman” was slightly above indifference. It’s got enough of a knowing wink to make its stupidity palatable. And it’s eccentric and colorful in ways the previous DC movies haven’t been.

Plus, kids will probably love it.

Me at 8: Best movie I’ve ever seen. I give it five stars.