In its first year in the Big Ten, Maryland received almost double the conference dollars as Nebraska did in its fourth year. Maybe they should change the name of the league to the Big Short.

If Nebraska wanted to be treated like this, we could have stayed in the Big 12 and collected our $19.37 annual share of Longhorn Network revenue.

Jack Gang wish is preparing for Husker pro day in March. He's putting up impressive numbers in the shuttle run, vertical leap and raccoon toss.

It is a thrill for Nebraskans to see former Nebraska high school football and basketball players reach national prominence. Of course, it'd be even better if they weren't all playing for Iowa.

Michigan's Jake Butt was named Big Ten tight end of the year. This was the first postseason award in the past 10 years I found the least bit interesting.

It is reported that Jim Harbaugh once climbed a tree to land a recruit. Wouldn't you know it? When Harbaugh got to the top of the tree, Urban Meyer and Nick Saban were already there.

On Sunday, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady face off for the 17th time. Manning has played Brady so much he's on a first-name basis with the Patriots' ball deflator. SI.com had a photo of Bill Belichick picking his nose during last weekend's playoff game. Knowing Belichick, he was preparing for postgame handshakes.

Andy Reid mismanaged the clock late in the Chiefs' loss to the Patriots. In a related story, Reid was just named an "Honorary Nebraska Cornhuskers coach."

Police had to rush to Gillette Stadium with the game balls after officials forgot them at the hotel. It'd represent a new low for officiating this season if just before kickoff a ref got on the P.A.: "Uh, anyone here got a football?"

Before the Arizona-Green Bay overtime, referee Clete Blakeman flipped the coin but it didn't turn over. The moment the NFL goes to 10-minute instant replay reviews of coin flips, I am done.

Stephen Hawking said last week that humankind may end in 100 years. More bad news for Buffalo Bills fans hoping for that elusive Super Bowl win.

St. Louis lost the Hawks to Atlanta, the Cardinals to Arizona and the Rams to Los Angeles.It just got worse. Houston is making a play for that big arch in the middle of town.

The official roster for the Puppy Bowl has been announced. A collie and two schnauzers immediately faked injuries to get out of the game. Then they realized it was the Puppy Bowl and not the Pro Bowl.

This is the time of year thoughts begin to turn to the NCAA men's basketball tournament, and the state of Nebraska's best hope ... UNO?

According to a players/coaches poll, Matthew Dellavedova is the dirtiest player in the NBA. What do you win for this — the Bill Laimbeer Trophy?

Fifteen-year-old Romanian basketball sensation Robert Bobroczky stands 7-foot-6 and weighs 184 pounds. He was unable to turn pro after he blew away the night before the draft. Pete Rose is going to be inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. Rose gets no respect. He's being inducted along with Marge Schott's dog.

As part of a one-year pilot program, beer and wine are going to be sold inside TD Ameritrade Park during the College World Series. Now fans have something to do during the two hours between base hits.

To give you an idea what Omaha streets were like during Tuesday morning's snow, when I was trying to get up the westbound Dodge Street hill at 84th,Curt Tomasevicz was coming down it on a bobsled.

There are allegations of matchfixing in professional tennis. The new Wimbledon executive director,Vince McMahon, vehemently denied the charges.

A 71-year-old Murdock, Nebraska, native named John Jones recently recorded two holes-in-one in 48 hours in Arizona. He had one regret: not buying a lottery ticket during that period.

And finally: One of the online sports sites touted "The best cricket catch you have ever seen." OK, not a lot of competition in this category, I'm thinking.

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